What is Haelo?

Haelo is an innovation and improvement science centre with expertise in digital connectivity and capability building. We utilise these expertise to bring about positive change through improvement science and quality improvement methodologies.

We work collaboratively to deliver large scale improvement programmes and work with a range of organisations on a consultancy basis. Find out how we deliver our work across improvement programmesdigital & innovation and measurement and capability below.

What we do


Our team are experts in the design and delivery of change programmes. There are many different ways of delivering improvement programmes but we believe that by focusing on a small number and becoming highly skilled in their delivery, we can offer more. Haelo are contracted to deliver commissioned pieces of bespoke improvement work. Having previously worked with NHS Foundation Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Academic Health Science Networks and Local Authorities, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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At Haelo, our digital team is made up of Communications, Events and Film who work collaboratively with the whole organisation and across all programmes.

With wide ranging expertise including large and small scale events, graphic design and social media, the digital team capture how improvements are achieved, they then disseminate this knowledge into re-usable formats for wider sharing.

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Haelo’s innovation team leads on the design, development and testing of new products and programmes. We have a specific interest in the innovative use of film and media to help us deliver improvement programmes. Working with partners, we deliver 90 day innovation cycles that explore and test ideas to problems that seem intractable and need radical solutions.

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Measurement and Capability

Haelo’s measurement team ensures all improvement programmes use data to understand variation and measure the impact of interventions to see if they make an improvement. We specialise in designing bespoke measurement systems, interactive dashboards and providing expert coaching which enables teams to understand whether they are improving, and to use their data to guide their improvement work.

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Improvement science lets us take change further and faster. Haelo delivers external capability building development programmes in its IS4 series to help people learn, apply and develop these skills. This is achieved through integrating evaluation in our programmes of work and consistently synthesising, managing and disseminating the knowledge gained – whether it be through academic papers, blog posts, film or posters.

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Underpinning all Haelo’s functions and programmes, Operations have day to day operational responsibility for Haelo’s work, providing support to Haelo’s Senior Team, programme managers and staff for finance, HR, contract management and facilities management. We are passionate about our work to help streamline and transform operational services and deliver first class professional support.

How we do it


Haelo employs a range of improvement methodologies to deliver large scale change, which includes the Breakthrough Series collaboratives and others. Key faculty for these programmes include internationally renowned improvement experts.

Improvement programmes combine face to face interaction with teams actively testing change and measuring success. Typically a breakthrough series collaborative is 12-18 months and can involve as many as 300 participants.

Capability Building

Haelo delivers training programmes to build improvement capability across systems. Our Patient Safety award nominated flagship improvement science training programme (IS4) focuses on training teams to deliver more robust improvement programmes in their local setting. We challenge thinking and provide a stimulating platform for learning.

In 2015 Haelo welcomed its first interns and has now developed a programme for both improvement and clinical fellows to join Haelo. We currently have three improvement fellow and one clinical fellow. We support the development of improvement networks (such as NHS Quest and the UK Improvement Alliance) and learning exchange networks through facilitated peer visits.


Haelo works across digital platforms, connecting people and places. Our digital footprint ensures our reach is far, sharing our learning of improvement science through events, blogs, film and media.

We invest in communication and knowledge management systems and share knowledge about how improvement happens using innovative digital media platforms and film. This website is an innovative knowledge management system allowing us to archive learning and provides a digital portal for open access materials and connect with partners.


The team at Haelo have over 10 years experience in design and delivery of large scale change and high level expertise in the structure and organisation of improvement capability within organisations and systems. Haelo supports the development and delivery of complex change programmes.

Haelo has an evolving portfolio of evaluation work, constructing formative and rapid cycle evaluations using mixed evaluation methods which draw on both quantitative and qualitative data using innovative technology.

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