What is Haelo?

Haelo is an innovative NHS improvement science centre based in Salford, working with systems, organisations and teams who strive to be the best. Our goal is to tackle the biggest challenges for health and social care.

We design and deliver improvement programmes, build capability and provide measurement and evaluation to our NHS and public sector family. This is supported by significant expertise and a unique offer around digital media, knowledge management and innovation.

What we do

Our focus is on delivering positive change, working with teams in partnership to build sustainable infrastructure and capability for improvement that outlives our time with you. We do this through offering bespoke improvement support, tailored to your needs and those of your service users.

We provide Diagnostics, Design and Delivery of improvement (through collaboratives, rapid improvement cycles, clinical communities, networks and innovation cycles), Capability Building to equip teams and individuals with the skills to improve their daily work and we enable you to understand the impact of your improvement work through our embedded approach to Measurement and Evaluation.

When working across complex systems and organisations we generally follow two phases of delivery.

Phase 1 – Bespoke Diagnostics and Design

  • Undertaking diagnostics, understanding challenges and current infrastructure
  • Co-designing organisational infrastructure for improvement
  • Mentoring and engagement
  • Board development when required
  • Senior team coaching

Phase 2 – Delivery

  • Collaboratives
  • Rapid Improvement cycles
  • Clinical communities
  • Innovation cycles
  • Capability building
  • Coaching clinical teams

All of our work is supported by our Digital team, using innovative techniques to harness the power of digital media in our improvement work.

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