Nurses on Death and Dying


As part of our series Voices from the Frontline, Nurses on Death and Dying, which premiered at the Dying Inspirationally session of Haelo Hosts ’16, documents front line nurses discussing the realities of palliative care.

Nurses from Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust opened up about their training, the beginnings of their careers, the importance of mentoring, first experiences of dealing with a death and going the extra mile.

Watch the film below or alternatively on our Vimeo and Youtube channels.
Find the full transcript here.

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    • Yvette,

      Thanks for your comment, we’re glad you like the film! Please share it and spread the inspirational messages. What area of nursing do you work in?

      Please share the film!

      Tom (Co-producer, Haelo)

  1. Excellent to stop and reflect on real people’s experiences. Reminds me of the huge collection of individual stories I have to share with others who are learning

    • Thanks for your comment David.

      Please share the film with people and channels that you feel would benefit from seeing it.


      Tom (Co-producer)

  2. Illustrates the significance of seeing people as individuals.

    As a hospital Chaplain I am often touched by the care and support of patients and their families at end of life by nurses.

    I feel nurses are unfairly expected to oversee all aspects of a patients care, which can add unnecessary stress, especially when relevant specialist services within the hospital which are not accessed for whatever reason, thus enabling a much more holistic approach to end of life care. We only get ONE chance to get it right.

    A candid and heartfelt account of personal experiences, illustrates the “human” ness of nurses and their sensitivity and struggle to do their best to get it right, much needed in the current climate of NHS cuts and subsequent impact on healthcare.

    Thank you.