Live blog: I4I R6 Mid Point Event


Welcome to the live blog for the Innovating for Improvement round six: mid point event, held on Wednesday 6 June 2018.

Haelo has been commissioned by the Health Foundation as expert support providers for the Innovating for Improvement programme. Innovating for Improvement aims to improve health care delivery and/or the way people manage their own health care through the redesign of processes, practices and services

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Today we meet at etc venues in Manchester, hosting the 21 teams that make up the sixth round of the innovation programme. Over the 15 month programme clinical teams will develop their innovative ideas and approaches, put them into practice and gather evidence about how their innovation improves quality. Remind yourself of what happened at the launch event in the event blog and our fabulous event film.

The Health Foundation | Innovating for Improvement Round 6 Launch Event from Haelo on Vimeo.

We begin with a welcoming address from Laura Wallace, Programme Officer at the Health Foundation who hands to our facilitator today Zoe Egerickx, Haelo Improvement Advisor and the lead for NHS Quest. We have a packed agenda lines up for attendees today featuring our guest speakers, interactive and facilitated group work and a variety of expert break our sessions.

Here’s a reminder of who is in the room today:

In the spirit of innovation, a short quiz put teams to the test before we introduce our first guest speaker. Join us in a game of ‘True or False?’:

  1. The first robotic biopsy took place in the mid 1980’s
  2. The very first bypass surgery took place in Australia in the 1950’s
  3. The science behind x-ray’s was discovered in 1895 when a physicist noticed cardboard illuminating during a routine experiment
  4. Teflon was first invented to stop insects crawling into buildings

And the answers are

We now delighted to welcome our first speaker today, a previous Innovating for Improvement round one award holder, Dr Helen Cullington, Principal Clinical Scientist and Associate Professor at the University of Southampton. Dr Cullington project is titled: Personalised long-term follow-up of people with cochlear implants using remote care and has since been awarded a Scaling Up grant, members of round three.

Following an introduction to the project, Helen shares her Innovating for Improvement journey, the barriers they faced and how to overcome challenges. Teams feel united and energised to know they’re not facing the same challenges alone. In her top tips:

  • Include your clinical care team
  • Don’t forget your admin team
  • Engage your biggest doubter
  • ‘Our project’ not ‘my project’
  • Have a fika!
  • Accept help and learn to let go
  • Celebrate success

Helen also highlights the power of video, social media and patient films, sharing their YouTube channel.

You can read about the results of the cochlear implant telemedicine trial online via BMJ Open.

It’s now time to move into the Knowledge Exchange session. Four themed ‘zones’ are set up around the room; each team are paired up a team in each zone and allocated discussion points. Pairings and discussion points have been determined based on their mid-point reports to encourage learning between teams who may be challenges others have overcome, or learning that could be valuable to another project.  The room rotates around each zone before coming back together. The zones are:

  1. Learning Health Systems
  2. Population Health / Targeted Services
  3. Data Presentation and Visualisation
  4. Education and Prevention

It’s one of our favourite parts of the day as we hand over to the teams and conversations spill into the break, making connections that will continue outside events. During the Knowledge Exchange our expert coaches are on hand. All teams were assigned a Haelo improvement coach at the start of the programme, selected based on their innovation project and skill requirements. Coaches have been out visiting teams since the launch event to provide bespoke support to suit the needs of individual projects, which can range from measurement and evaluation to communications and quality improvement support. Providing constructive challenge as a critical friend.

We’re back from the break with Haelo’s Senior Improvement Advisor, Kurt Bramfitt for a session on ‘Sustaining Your Success’. The workshop aims to equip teams with the skills to sustain and grow outside the Innovating for Improvement programme.

Kurt beings by defining the testing and implementation stages of innovation and improvement projects, asking are you ready to implement? If yes, what approach would you take to implementation.

The approaches to implementation can be identified in three groups:

  • Just do it Simple change, tested successfully, relatively low risk
  • Parallel approach Phased in changes operating side by side with existing systems 
  • Sequential approach Implementation of some or all changes

Hands go up around the room when Kurt asks if anyone has worked on a project before, with all good intentions, funding and staffing, that eventually fizzled out. We move from improvement theory to project management, as we explore skills to make sure we have a plan and structure in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again with your project. Kurt urges teams to make your innovation the norm,  ‘the ways we do things around here’ with standardisation, resourcing, training and measurement. To do that, teams are given a checklist to support this going forward.

With project management aside, the room then begins to explore behavioural insights during change. Anticipating reactions to change will help with engagement and sustainability, to do this we use the Psychology of Change – to find out more about this watch our online masterclass ‘Harnessing Influence’ that looks at how to engage people in improvement and innovation, and how to support change by applying different sources of influence.

After lunch we are excited to welcome Maxine Mackintosh, Chairwoman of HealthTech Women UK and our second guest presenter, to lead a session on Unintended consequences in big data: Tackling bias.

Maxine begins by outlining the ways we use data in healthcare: process optimisation, preclinical research, clinical pathways, patient-facing applications and population-level applications. In a powerful session, Maxine explored the potential problems of bias and unintended consequences when dealing with big data.

Maxine’s recommended that if you’re looking for a data scientist, recruit a data analyst and train them in your area with courses such as: Lynda, Cambridge SparkGeneral Assembly or using Coursera.

This then takes us into the final session of the day, ‘getting your message right’, all participants are invited to select a workshop:

  • Film
  • Communications
  • Publications

Zoe is back for a final time to the front to summarise the day and lay out next steps. Final reports are due December 2018 with the summit event scheduled for January 2019.

If you’re interested in being a part of this exciting Innovating for Improvement programme, round 7 is now open for applications. Please visit The Health Foundation website for further information.


Attendees can access the members ‘hub’ for their additional resources the proramme.

For award holders



Sustain success

Haelo are the official support providers for round five and round six, Innovating for Improvement. Since their launch event in March 2017, round 5 have also met for their mid point event in September 2017.

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