Improvement is something that we can all be involved in, with any kind of knowledge base. Improvement science lets us take change further and faster, with a way of understanding and packaging what we’ve done for others to repeat and scale-up our success.

We use skills in systems thinking, measurement and variation, articulating and refining improvement theory and understanding the human dimensions of change. Central to this aspect of science is ensuring that we contribute to the body of knowledge about the theory of improvement and documenting improvements in particular clinical areas through publication. This is achieved through integrating evaluation in our programmes of work and consistently synthesising, managing and disseminating the knowledge gained – whether it be through academic papers, blog posts, film or posters.



Haelo has external capability building development programmes, Improvement Science for Academics (IS4Ac) and Improvement Science for Leaders (IS4L), to help people learn, apply and develop these skills. We deliver programmes, and bespoke sessions on request, using a mixture of international improvement experts and our own internal faculty of staff. Find out more about IS4.

Festival of Learning

The Festival of Learning showcases the innovation and cutting edge improvement work being undertaken in Salford, regionally and nationally. Through tailored learning labs, Haelo’s expert faculty will challenge your thinking and provide a stimulating platform of learning across varied topics to create the ideal learning environment.