Improvement programmes are the engine room of Haelo. Our team are experts in the design and delivery of change programmes. There are many different ways of delivering improvement programmes but we believe that by focusing on a small number and becoming highly skilled in their delivery, we can offer more to our partners. When working with partners our programmes will:

  • Understand what needs to be accomplished
  • Build the will for change
  • Develop the changes that need to be tested
  • Design a measurement system to determine if changes result in improvement
  • Build a bespoke programme for capability building
  • Co-design a delivery plan with milestones and key performance indicators
  • Capture and share knowledge appropriately


We specialise in

Breakthrough Series Collaboratives

These bring large numbers of teams together (usually for a year) to make significant and sustainable improvements to healthcare. These collaboratives are based around 3-4 learning sessions across a 12 month period that are punctuated by action periods. After each action period collaborative teams share and review their experience with implementing various improvement measures and measure how effective they have been. This collaborative format allows teams to not only learn from their own experiences, but from the experiences of others working towards the same goal in similar settings.

Peer Site Visits

We bring together like-minded organisations to work with, and learn from, each other during facilitated face-to-face visits.

Clinical Communities

Haelo’s Clinical Communities bring together health and social care staff from across organisations but who are working in the same area of practice to share knowledge, learning and ideas for improvement.