Haelo’s measurement team ensures data is used as a fundamental part of the design and delivery of improvement programmes. We support teams to use data to understand the impact of their improvement work, developing measures and establishing bespoke data collection systems when required and analysing data together to understand change over time.

Each Haelo improvement programme has a measurement strategy linked to the aim and driver diagram to understand whether changes have resulted in improvement. We specialise in designing bespoke measurement systems, interactive dashboards and providing expert coaching which enables teams to understand whether they are improving, and to use their data to guide their improvement work.

We specialise in the presentation of data and the interpretation of its meaning, allowing for system changes and improvements to be easily identified. We pride ourselves on how we present data, allowing for the data itself to tell a story; how we display this data is dependent on its purpose and the audience to which it will be shown. Critically, we see the triangulation of different data sources to be crucial in understanding the fullest possible picture.

In addition to supporting Haelo’s improvement programmes, we are commissioned by NHS England to deliver the national NHS Safety Thermometer programme. The NHS Safety Thermometer allows teams to measure harm and the proportion of patients that are ‘harm free’ during their working day. For example at shift handover or during ward rounds. This isn’t limited to hospitals; patients can experience harm at any point in a care pathway and the NHS Safety Thermometer helps teams in a wide range of settings, from acute wards to a patient’s own home, to measure, assess, learn and improve the safety of the care they provide.

We have used PDSA cycles to develop a suite of Safety Thermometers which are used to measure common harms and we support the ‘classic’ Safety Thermometer which has now been used to collect data on over 8 million patients (Nov 2015) across the health economy.

In 2015 we released a number of data collection apps to support the suite of Classic, Medication and Maternity Safety Thermometers. The apps have distinct advantages over traditional paper collection, such as making it easier and quicker to capture and upload data.

Demystify data by joining us at one of our training days around measurement and improvement

How to Understand Your Data: Mesmerising Measurement Training 2018

This one day workshop will give participants an in depth understanding and knowledge of data and measurement for improvement within healthcare. You will learn practical skills to apply to any future improvement work.

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