PRISMS (Practices Improving the Safety of Medicines in Salford): A Breakthrough Series (BTS) Collaborative designed to improve medication safety in primary care in Salford, commissioned by Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and delivered jointly by the CCG and Haelo. Eight Salford based GP practices have signed up to take part in this programme of work, with the aim that 95% of patients on high risk medicines (NSAIDS, Methotrexate and Amiodarone) will have optimised medicines care by October 2016. The main areas to be addressed within the programme include: Medicines reconciliation, improving monitoring systems, and building the capability of stakeholders within the programme.

The expert panel who have steered the programme development and measurement strategy include Neil Houston, Healthcare Improvement Scotland and Darren Ashcroft, University of Manchester, author of the PINCER trial.

Greater Manchester Primary Care Patient Safety Translational Research Centre

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