At Haelo, our Digital function is made up of Communications, Events and Film.

The team works collaboratively across Haelo functions to capture the knowledge of how our improvement work, and then package this knowledge into re-usable formats for wider sharing.

Our particular strengths are in knowledge capture and transfer through film and digital media, and the development of summaries and products from critical knowledge and processes. We also work with academic partners to explore the mechanisms of improvement through research, publications, education and demonstration programmes.

Our portfolio includes the classic Patient Safety Briefing and Children & Young Peoples Patient Safety Briefing, Brenda’s Story, Living Well with Dementia, Flood, Sweat & Tears and Friday Night Lights.

Patient Safety Briefing

Digital Communication


One of Haelo’s core areas of expertise is in communications. We use digital communications to capture, manage and share knowledge about how we make improvement happen. This includes using innovative social media, film and digital platforms to underpin and deliver our improvement programmes.

Haelo’s communications team work across all programmes of work, supporting at events through live blogging and social media; developing bespoke web platforms to support teams in their improvement work and helping choose the best methods of sharing our work.

We are also commissioned to deliver external communication programmes. Please get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements.



Film plays a central role to all Haelo’s improvement work. We have a particular strength in knowledge capture and transfer through film and we also use film to share the need for improvement and telling patient stories to ensure all sides of the improvement journey are heard.

Haelo provides film and multimedia expertise for partners to deliver bespoke films and multimedia products that support innovation and improvement. We offer bespoke film training through our Lights, Camera, Improvement workshop.

Get in touch with the team today to discuss your film project.

The passion for using film doesn’t just sit with out film unit, we provide all Haelo staff and teams in our capability building programmes with the opportunity to learn new skills and put their ideas into action through using film.

We also use film to improve the way healthcare is delivered. Working in partnership with health and social care organisations, we have used film to deliver real innovation to the nature of the conversation between patients and staff around safety with the Patient Safety Briefing.

Take a look at our film library or view our film reel below.


At Haelo, we know audience engagement through digital storytelling and social media is no longer an emerging trend, it’s the way we live our day-to-day lives. Our events aim to combine this along with the power of face to face interaction.

We deliver a series of improvement events throughout the year, as part of our commissioned work. We are also commissioned to deliver bespoke event management pieces, such as the inaugural Human Factors Conference whilst also hosting our our improvement events, such as Haelo Hosts and our series of training workshops.

Our event space, adjacent to MediaCityUK in the heart of Salford Quays offers a flexible solution to your meetings and events. We’ll be launching our space soon!

To find out more about our event opportunities, get in touch with the team.