NHS Safety Thermometer

Developed for the NHS by the NHS as a point of care survey instrument

The NHS Safety Thermometer provides a ‘temperature check’ on harm that can be used alongside other measures of harm to measure local and system progress in providing a care environment free of harm for our patients.

Commissioned by NHS England, the Safety Thermometer programme has used iterative PDSA cycles to develop a number of measurement tools that measure harm in different care settings. It allows teams to measure harm and the proportion of patients that are ‘harm free’ during their working day, for example at shift handover or during ward rounds.  This isn’t limited to hospitals; patients can experience harm at any point in a care pathway and the NHS Safety Thermometer helps teams in a wide range of settings, from acute wards to a patient’s own home, to measure, assess, learn and improve the safety of the care they provide.

We have now developed a suite of 5 Safety Thermometers for use in a number of care settings.

Safety ThermometerSafety ThermometerSafety ThermometerSafety ThermometerSafety Thermometer

These are supported by a suite of apps available for Apple iOS and Android devices. The apps are specifically designed for mobile devices making it much easier to collect data and can be used to collect all data offline, uploaded to the website from the mobile device.