PIPS Processes Improving Practices in Salford

Duration: April 2017 – March 2018
Haelo involvement: Delivery and Programme Management
Haelo Lead Officer: Stuart Clough, Programme Manager | info.haelo@nhs.net
Local Partners: Salford CCG


Practices Improving Processes in Salford, otherwise known as PIPS, is a 12 month long programme run by Haelo and commissioned by Salford CCG.

The programme will run from April 2017 through to the end of March 2018 and involve a combination of an engagement event, 3 taught learning sessions and monthly visits by dedicated improvement coaches for each of the 20 practices, each practice will also be supported by monthly virtual support.

PIPS launch event
Brandon Bennett at PIPS launch event

Programme aim

The programme aims to provide 20 GP practices in Salford with suitable training and onsite support to re design key processes that impact on patient outcomes, patient and carer experience, staff experience, value and efficiency. The overall aims of the programme are:

1. To build relationships that enable effective partnership working
2. To understand and build quality improvement capability in the practices through training them to use a selection of diagnostic tools
3. Deliver efficiencies and improve productivity thus releasing valuable resource


Key outcomes for the programme are:

  • Sustained demonstrable efficiencies in each of the 20 practices
  • Increased capability amongst the primary care workforce
  • A bespoke ‘how to guide to improve productivity & efficiency in GP practices in Salford


The programme launched in July 2017, take a look at the event review.


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