NHS Health Checks

Duration: 2013 – 2016
Haelo involvement: Improvement Programme Management
Type of Programme: Breakthrough Series Collaborative
Partners: Salford City Council
National Partners: Public Health England, Diabetes UK, NHS England

Programme Aim: To improve the uptake of NHS Health Checks in Salford

Measurement strategy:

  • The percentage of the eligible population invited
  • The percentage of the eligible population attending
  • The percentage of the invited population who attended
  • The number of eligible people invited
  • The number of eligible people attending

Driver Diagram

Health Checks


The progress gained within the first year was significant with a greater than 40% improvement in uptake overall. Progress was sustained at this level during the 2015/16 year although no further increase was seen.

A major positive of this programme was the vast amount of partnership work that occurred between various Salford partners paving the way for further joint programmes of work to benefit the Salford population. Other significant improvements were made in regards to increased engagement with primary care, intelligence gathering, collaboration with the Salford City Council, the Salford CCG and Third Sector organisations such as Salford Healthy Communities.

Learning from Salford NHS Health Check Improvement Journey

A review was conducted by the University of Salford. The aim of this review was to explore the outcomes of the 2014-2016 collaboration between Salford City Council (SCC), Haelo and other Salford Partners with respect to improving the uptake of NHS Health Checks.

The outcomes of this project are split into three separate reports: Part A – Executive Summary; Part B – Research Report and Part C – Technical Report. All documents can be viewed on the University of Salford Institutional Depository.

You can find the Executive Response from Haelo and Salford City Council here.