Delivering ‘harm free’ care to each and every patient, every time

The ‘harm free’ care programme is ambitious yet simple: stop dealing with safety issues in silos, think about complications from the patient’s perspective and aim for the absence of all harm to each and every patient.

It is a community of healthcare professionals who set themselves the challenge of redefining the possible for patient safety. Harmfree care believes that by working together we can learn, innovate, improve and deliver ‘harm free’ care to every patient, every time.

Patients are at the heart of ‘harm free’ care; they inspire us to change. The community is committed to improving their experience of healthcare and protecting them from harm.

The initial ‘harm free’ care collaborative focused on harm from  ‘pressure ulcers, falls, urinary catheter infections and VTE’ with a goal to deliver ‘harm free’ care to 95% of patients. The concept of patient-centred improvement and lessons learned from testing this concept have been shared and have resulted in improvement programmes focussing on delivering ‘harm free’ care for medications safety, maternity services, mental health, paediatric care and the inclusion of additional harms.