Duration: September 2016 – September 2017
Haelo involvement: Clinical fellowship, improvement advice and project management
Type of Programme: Improvement Programme
Partners: Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Salford CCG
Haelo Lead Officer: Gaby Ford, Project Lead,
Funding body / commissioners: Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (Innovation Fund)

Programme Aim
50% of patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions will directly access Salford physiotherapy services by September 2017, reducing GP appointments for MSK conditions.


This is a partnership project between Salford CCG, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Physiotherapy department and Haelo. In Salford, approximately 1240 patients each month are being referred to MSK physiotherapy services, these referrals come via a mixture of GPs and SRFT’s clinics. Approximately 20-30% of GP consultations are currently taken up with MSK conditions, at a time where demand for GP appointments is outstripping supply.

Empowering patients to directly access physiotherapy will reduce demand for GP consultations and streamline the process of accessing services.

The first stage of this innovation project is a 90 day improvement programme, involving small scale tests of change within three GP practices in Salford (Langworthy, Ordsall and Sorrel Bank). The second stage will review learning and prepare to implement and spread successful changes across Salford.

Measuring Improvement

go2physio has a robust measurement strategy including outcome, process and balancing measures. Data is collected throughout the course of the programme to demonstrate whether changes made are an improvement.

Outcome measures

  • Number of people referring via go2physio
  • Number of GP consultations for MSK conditions

Process measures

  • Patient awareness of self-referral via go2physio
  • Quality of referral information at triage
  • Patient satisfaction (booking process and ease of access)
  • Number of inappropriate or rejected referrals at triage

Balancing measures

  • Average length of time on waiting list
  • % missed appointments and DNAs

Next Steps

go2physio is now being scaled up and made available to patients of all GP practices across Salford and a local publicity campaign is due to commence in the coming months. The final go2physio Change Package is available to read and download.

Resources available for GP practices include a poster and leaflet.

For Salford residents who wish to self-refer to NHS physiotherapy, please visit:

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