Improvement programmes are the heart of Haelo. Our team are experts in the design and delivery of change programmes and packages. We work with a wide range of organisations to delivery bespoke improvement programmes.

What we deliver

  • Understand what needs to be accomplished
  • Build the will for change
  • Develop the changes that need to be tested
  • Design a measurement system to determine if changes result in improvement
  • Build a bespoke programme for capability building
  • Co-design a delivery plan with milestones and key performance indicators
  • Capture and share knowledge appropriately

If you are interested in implementing improvement in your own organisation, please get in touch with the team.

Below are examples of some of Haelo’s previous and current programmes of work:

Our work

Our collaboratives

  • National Diabetes Prevention Programme – identify people with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia who are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and offer them a behavioural intervention to lower their risk of onset
  • Making Safety Visible – improve the measuring and monitoring of safety in their organisation using the ‘Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework’ (Vincent et al, 2013)
  • Improving Medicines Safety – provide defect free care to 95% of people experiencing a transfer of care by April 2016.
  • NHS Health Checks – improve the uptake of NHS Health Checks in Salford
  • PrISMS – improve medication safety in primary care in Salford
  • Stroke 90:10 – a randomised trial which sought to determine whether participating in a quality improvement collaborative could improve adherence to a bundle of care process known to reduce stroke mortality when performed reliably
  • Falls – Reducing Inpatient Falls and the Deteriorating Patient
  • Safer Salford – a shared ambition to be the safest health and social care system in the UK by 2022
  • Broughton Flu Project – improve uptake of flu vaccinations for identified groups
  • go2physio – programme with the aim of 50% of patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions will directly access Salford physiotherapy services by September 2017, reducing GP appointments for MSK conditions.
  • PIPS – Practices Improving Processes in Salford, otherwise known as PIPS, to re design key GP processes that impact on patient outcomes, patient and carer experience, staff experience, value and efficiency.

Network delivery

  • NHS QUEST the first member-convened network for Foundation Trusts who focus relentlessly on improving quality and safety
  • Harmfree Care ambitious yet simple: stop dealing with safety issues in silos, think about complications from the patient’s perspective and aim for the absence of all harm to each and every patient
  • MAHSC we work in partnership to deliver the work of the centre’s Population Health and Implementation domain
  • Salford Clinical Faculty

Other work