What are ‘Haelo Tips’?


Today sees the launch of a new series of short simple videos to help people with improvement – Haelo Tips.

Haelo Tips are short, simple videos to give people insight behind ideas to make innovation and improvement happen. Filmed mainly on smartphones, the tips are a simple way of getting ideas from interesting and experienced professionals about their thoughts on improvement.

Aaron Gow, Knowledge and Communications Programme Manager, said: “We focus on film and digital at Haelo and we wanted a way of connecting leading thinkers on change, innovation and improvement with Haelo, its partners and anyone who is interested in innovation and improvement.

“We have a lot of guests and visitors to Haelo and our staff present at and attended conferences and events across the NHS and beyond. By using their smartphones to capture a simple video of people who are interesting and have something new to say, we can quickly connect people to these ideas.”

The first 4 videos will be shared this week, with the initial Haelo Tips from Maureen Bisognano, President and CEO of IHI.

Aaron added: “We’d love to hear what people think of each person’s thoughts, perhaps you’d do things differently to what’s suggested or have an example you’d like to show. Feel free to post in the comments section below each video.”

Once published, all the videos can be found in Haelo’s Media library or in the dedicated Haelo Tips YouTube playlist.

Maureen Bisognano provides the first Haelo Tip

Maureen Bisognano provides the first Haelo Tip

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