This Week – Edition 77


Tom Harvey takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the improvement and innovation universe (commencing 14 September 2015).

  1. NHS Confederation – Devolution Bill must empower local leaders to make necessary changes: This is the organisation’s view that the bill should give local leaders the freedom to ‘create the best type of partnership arrangements for their situations locally’.
  1. The Health Foundation – English devo bids: healthy or not? Staying on the theme of devolution, Senior Policy Fellow Felicity Dormon looks at the inclusion of health bids within devolution proposals across the UK.
  1. Salford CVS – Consultation of Changes to the Health Improvement Service in Salford: Salford City Council is running a consultation on planned changes to the HIS in Salford and are keen to hear the views of service users. Get involved here.
  1. HQIP – NHFD Annual Report 2015: National Hip Fracture Database aims to provide information that can lead to improvements in quality of care for older patients.
  1. – Guilt helps sell self-improvement products, new study finds: Sauder School of Business (University of British Columbia) PhD candidate Thomas Allard believes “guilt reminds you of times you know you could have done better, which pushes you to seek out ways to improve” and has co-authored a study on how guilt helps the sales and use of self-improvement products and services.


  1. The Guardian – Trans fat ban could save 7,200 lives by 2020, says study: Data taken from a study by the British Medical Journal, outlined here in this article addresses the issue of harmful trans fats – the ‘toxic’ substances added to certain food to increase taste and extend shelf life.

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