This Week – Edition 76


Tom Harvey takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the improvement and innovation universe (commencing 07 September 2015).

  1. The Health Foundation – Measuring Success: Anna Howells looks at how success is measured in the NHS and how the process of measurement may be redefined in future.
  1. HQIP eBulletin: The latest fortnightly round-up of news, events and programmes from the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership.
  1. IHI – Getting Better With Age: The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s National Forum is now in its 27th year, it’s an event that improvers from the world over attend and Senior Vice President Joanne Healy has been to every single one. In this article, Joanne describes her journey in helping shape the flagship programme into what it is today.
  1. The Discipline of Innovation: A site dedicated to helping you create value in your work and working environment through innovation. It provides ideas and tips on innovation based on experience, research and observation.

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  1. Carnegie Foundation – Improvement Discipline in Practice: Alicia Grunow, Senior Partner and Director of Improvement Science and Analytics looks at the ideas behind ‘Learning to Improve’ and how these ideas are being implemented within education.
  1. HSJ – Integration: Happening quietly in a place near you: Debbie Sorkin, national director of systems leadership at the Leadership Centre reports on the growing trend of integration between health and social care services.

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