This Week – Edition 74


Tom Harvey takes us on a whistle-stop tour of five interesting articles observed by team Haelo this week (commencing 24 August 2015).

  1. Bridging health and social care sectors to improve quality. Integration between health and care services is big news at the moment and has been for quite some time. The discussion is given more impetus by the moves to devolve health budgets to areas such as Manchester and Cornwall. In this article, The Health Foundation is looking at the differences between the two sectors and how they might be better integrated to improve quality of care.
  1. Low-cost medical innovations in Gaza. Doctor Tarek Loubani, who works at Shifa hospital in Gaza, has developed a stethoscope that rivals the medical industry’s gold-standard instrument, and the best part? It can be 3D printed for less than 20p. The innovation could be a breakthrough in providing access to affordable medical hardware in an area striving for self-sufficiency.
  1. A blind man’s eye. Most people will have heard of the mind’s eye – it’s the ability to conjure images inside the head, something most of us can do. This year, scientists have diagnosed a condition that they are calling Aphantasia, where people are unable to visualise mental images. This article looks at the experiences of one man with the condition, as well as exploring the opposite end of the spectrum – Hyperphantasia.
  1. Super chocolate. Now that’s a headline we can all get excited about. Scientists in at the Technical University of Munich, Germany are working on a formula for creating the world’s tastiest chocolate. Their work focuses on engineering a key ingredient called Lecithin, which keeps fat in chocolate stable and stops it separating from the cocoa solids and dairy.
  1. Dancing for Ebola. Why are these Ebola workers in Sierra Leone so happy? Watch the video and find out about another giant step forward in treatment of the disease.

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