This Week – Edition 73


Tom Harvey takes us on a whistle-stop tour of five interesting articles observed by team Haelo this week (commencing 10 August 2015).

  1. Medical innovations receive £18m funding. 12 projects have been given backing by The Medical Research Council and Innovate UK to develop what is being described as “exceptional science”. Successful projects include a universal flu vaccine and a home testing kit for detecting lung infections.
  1. Sniffer dog trials approved by NHS. A recent trial has shown a 93 per cent success rate in dogs detecting prostate cancer in the urine of patients. It is hoped that this test could replace the current method of the Prostate-Specific Antigen test, which has a ‘high false positive’ rate.
  1. New programme aims to identify what matters most to patients
    Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust is one of three pilot sites in NHS England’s Always Events programme, being run with international patient-focused charity Picker Institute and the Institute for Health Innovation (IHI) that are implementing a programme designed to improve quality of care for patients.
  1. 62 years as a nurse. 80 year-old Mary Hazard has witnessed drastic changes in the NHS during her six decades working for the National Health Service. She describes in this article how almost every detail of nursing has changed since she joined the service when it was just four years old.
  1. “My boy lollipop, he makes my heart almost stop”. Okay, they aren’t the words to the song, but the shocking truth is that there is a lot of sugar in soft drinks and now you can see just how much – in oversized lollipop form. Experimental Brooklyn-based food photographer Henry Hargreaves has boiled down popular soft drinks and made sweets from the sugar that was left over. Prepare to be shocked.
  1. And finally… Turkish couple celebrate wedding with 4,000 Syrian refugees. It’s tradition for Turkish couples to have a three-day wedding, lasting between Tuesday and Thursday, ending with a banquet on the final night. Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat celebrated with a difference, using their wedding savings to put on a party for thousands of refugees living in the town of Kilis on the border with Syria.

Turkish wedding

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