This Week – Edition 72


Tom Harvey takes us on a whistle-stop tour of five interesting articles observed by team Haelo this week (commencing 3 August 2015).

  1. Simple cancer test could save thousands of lives. Pancreatic cancer is one the most deadly, with 9,000 people a year being diagnosed in the UK alone. Experts at the Barts Cancer Institute of the Queen Mary University of London have discovered a particular ‘signature’ of proteins in the urine of patients with pancreatic cancer, which could help to identify the disease at a much earlier stage and give patients a much greater chance of survival.
  1. More Vitamin D please, we’re British. Health experts have warned Brits to increase Vitamin D intake because gloomy British weather doesn’t provide enough sunshine to maintain healthy levels throughout the year. The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has given the advice, which has been adopted for the first time by Government, who have recommended that we all increase our intake of Vitamin D.
  1. Haelo Festival of Learning. This week we launched the Haelo Festival Learning, tailored learning labs that will challenge your thinking and provide a stimulating platform of learning across varied topics. Find out how you can get involved.
  1. World first for 3D-printed pills. The US Food and Drug Administration have given the go-ahead for 3D printed pills. This could prove to be a turning point in the administration of medicines as bespoke pills can now be produced, offering patients a personalised drug service. The world’s first, called Spritam, is developed by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals and is used for the control of seizures brought on by epilepsy.
  1. And finally…Spice up your life. A study by Harvard University suggests that people who eat spicy food three times a week can cut their risk of dying early by 14 per cent. The study of nearly 500,000 Chinese people over seven years found that those who regularly ate spicy food cut their risk of dying early considerably compared with those who did not. Fresh chillies are full of nutrients, vitamins and capsaicin, which are all thought to fight cancer, inflammation and obesity, the latter being due to the food’s fat burning compounds.

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