This Week – Edition 5


Elliot Millward takes a whistle stop tour of 5 things the Haelo team have seen this week (commencing 28 October).

1. The Health Foundation published a piece by Jo Bibby discussing how mindsets should change from measuring harm to measuring safety across the NHS.

A and E Department © Lisa Jarvis2. A fantastic journal article reviewing a communications campaign designed to reduce blood clots has been published this week. Keely Brookes, Jeremy Peters and Caroline Limbert produced the research paper on the NHS East of England VTE Communications Project Group campaign.

3. The National Audit Office has said there are too many emergency admissions to hospitals in England. The watchdog released data this week showing there has been a 47% rise in 15 years and that many patients stay in hospital longer than is necessary.

4. Our friends at Ko Awatea published a great blog on the ‘Elephant and the Rider’ theory this week and how the theory can help bring about change.

5. University College London Hospitals are using the social media platform Instagram in a different way over the past few weeks. They have been posting short, informal videos of staff at all levels getting their flu jab and explaining why they are doing it.

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