This Week – Edition 4


Elliot Millward takes a whistle stop tour of 5 things the Haelo team has seen this week (commencing 21 October). © Pete (comedynose) via Flickr

1. Want to know what makes the difference between a good board and a great board? Our Managing Director Maxine Power wrote this blog for the Health Foundation giving her top tips on the issue.

2. The Care Quality Commission released some data this week about the levels of care and safety at hospitals across the UK. The Guardian has mapped the data across all of the hospitals involved in this colour coded infographic.

3. Glenn Colquhoun was a keynote speaker at this year’s APAC Forum. As a GP and a poet in Horowhenua, New Zealand, Glenn didn’t like the way he was having to see and treat his patients, so he changed his circumstances to suit his patients, at a significant financial cost to himself. He’s written a blog on the issue and his keynote speech is well worth a watch as he discusses some very pertinent issues.

4. A great Google doc on how to get more out of your mobile device. App Ninja explores the different apps and accessories which can make your smartphone or tablet more useful.

5. A Harvard Business Review blog discusses the transformation that healthcare is undergoing worldwide and how the majority of systems will need revamping. Together with the New England Journal of Medicine they are running an insight centre where people can debate and discuss issues and solutions.

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