This Week – Edition 3


Elliot Millward takes a whistle stop tour of 6 things the Haelo team has seen this week (commencing 14 October). Twitter logo

1. Just starting to use social media and in particular Twitter more? Our New Zealand based health system innovation and improvement friends, Ko Awatea, have released this handy guide on how to use the platform. Tips range from how to gather followers to organising the people that you follow effectively.

2. An article in The Guardian claims that more discussions are needed around the lack of care and support plans in place for patients. Research shows that care and support planning makes for a better experience for all involved but at the moment it isn’t happening for enough patients.

3. A blog by Jennifer Dixon, Chief Executive of the Health Foundation says that watching quality is more important than ever within healthcare. With reports from QualityWatch and the Care Quality Commission being released soon, there is sure to be more published on the matter.

4. A great article has been released about communicating with large numbers of frontline healthcare staff to try and reduce the prevalence of pressure ulcers. Stop the Pressure is a communications project that aims to prevent pressure ulcers by following simple steps.

5. This speech by Maureen Bisognano, CEO of the Institiute of Healthcare Improvement, highlights how innovation can help the healthcare industry improve and adapt to the testing times ahead. She discusses the Triple Aim — better care, better health, lower per capita costs.

6. Cancer costs countries in the European Union around £107bn a year according to new figures released by the Lancelot Oncology. It is the first time that a study has taken place across the EU as a team from the University of Oxford and King’s College London analysed data from 2009 across the 27 member countries.

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