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Welcome to “This Month”. Becky White, Communications Assistant, rounds up the headlines from the Haelo office.

Return from Oz

Our Chief Executive, Professor Maxine Power, is back in Blighty after travelling to Australia for two weeks to deliver innovation and improvement knowledge.

Maxine has been exchanging valuable insight and expertise, consulting with professionals, capturing best practice and has been sharing learning from Salford, across 10,556 miles, to Sydney. Catch up with Maxine’s insights below:

Spreading Improvement Internationally with Maxine Power
Postcard from APAC: Exceptional People
Postcard from APAC: Compassion in Leadership
Postcard from CEC: Taking patient safety to the next level
Postcard from CEC: Safety as a moving target


New Starters

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the new additions to the Haelo team; Bob Diepeveen, Senior Improvement Advisor (left), Gaby Ford, Clinical Fellow (centre) and Dario Rydel, Improvement Science Fellow (right). Very excited to have all these talents on the team!


Dario says, ‘Hello. I’m one of the new Improvement Science Fellows and I’ve been looking forward to working here at Haelo in this role. My background is in Medicine as a Junior Doctor and I have recently finished my Foundation Programme in the North West. It was my role as chair of the Foundation Trainee Forum that inspired me to become involved in Quality Improvement, education and leadership around healthcare and medicine. As well as these interests, I hope to specialise in Emergency Medicine and have seen both the short-term and enduring challenges this specialty faces. I hope to use my time here at Haelo to increase my skills and confidence in Improvement Science and Innovation in order to prepare and be involved in shaping the solutions to some of these challenges that lie ahead.’ 

Positive Change

Our star guest blogger, Programme Manager, Kayleigh Price explores the positive nature of real life changes compared with the negativity and challenges attached to work based change.

‘I’ve been pondering something recently. Why is it that when we propose change in a work environment it’s often greeted with negativity and challenge, yet when we propose change in our home lives the reverse is often true? What is it that makes us react more negatively to work based change and what can we do to encourage a more positive reaction? I have a few examples of personal change that tend to get positive reactions, alongside their less well received work equivalents.’

Read the full blog here.

Why Should I Make A Film?

Have you ever made a film? If not, why not? In this blog, Haelo’s film team Ste Miller and Tom Harvey make the case for film as a unique way to tell your story.

‘Chances are there is a video camera in your pocket right now with image quality that only a few years ago would have cost thousands of pounds. We now have the ability to shoot, edit and share a film online all on the same device. When you have a simple message you want to share with a wide audience, nothing beats film.’

Read the full blog here.

The Joy of Webinars

Stuart Kaill, Project Manager here at Haelo, explores the joys of webinars.

‘On Wednesday, I dialled into my first ever Webinar – an experience which would have more impact than I had anticipated.  Firstly, a little bit about webinars:  Forgive me if I am preaching to the converted but for me, coming from a profession that had a tendency to be a bit old fashioned in some ways, the experience was a bit of a lightbulb moment.’

Read the full blog here.

Improving Medicines Safety in Greater Manchester

Read how Haelo, commissioned by the Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network (GM AHSN), delivered a Breakthrough Series Collaborative to reduce harm from medicines in Greater Manchester, in our new case study.

This one-year programme concluded in April 2016 with a summit event that brought health economies together to share learning and celebrate the impact that the programme has had in their organisation. It is safer to take medication in Greater Manchester, but there’s still further to go.

“Thank you to the rest of the collaborative for making it impossible to do nothing about this problem”
Gary Masterman, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

Read the full case study.

Haelo Hosts ’16

International speakers from across a variety of industries will take to the stage to show how they are daring greatly at the biggest event in the Haelo calendar!

They will share their experiences and learning, shining a light on how they break down barriers to improvement by showcasing practical examples from across industries. Want to know more about our Haelo Hosts ’16 featured speakers Michael Woodford MBE, Martine Wright MBE and DeVone Boggan? Read our speaker blog.

New Speaker Announced

We are excited to announce the latest addition to the renowned roster of Haelo Hosts 2016 speakers, Ruth Ibegbuna. Find out more about Ruth in our latest blog.

Visit our events page to find out more and book tickets to the most anticipated event in the Haelo calendar!

We bring Haelo Hosts to you in partnership with Strata Health and intouch with health.


Focus on Festival of Learning

Science of Improvement Masterclass

Are you committed to going the extra mile? Do you work in a system that you want to improve? Have you tried to improve and became frustrated by the pace of change?

This one-day programme gives a comprehensive overview of the science of improvement and provides detailed insight in to its application, including examples from right here in Salford.

This unique opportunity will develop your knowledge of improvement science; enabling you to apply improvement techniques to change the way you work and improve outcomes for patients. The day is designed primarily for Doctors with an interest or role in quality improvement, but the content will be of interest and applicable for anyone involved in improving health and care. Read our Senior Improvement Advisor Kurt Bramfitt teaser blog to see what is in store for attendees, visit the event page here or book tickets directly here.

Lights, Camera, Improvement 

Telling your improvement story using film to capture and share knowledge

Digital media has revolutionised the way we live our lives, empowering citizens and providing opportunities for gaining new information. This session will be led by Haelo’s Film Unit, who work across all Haelo’s functions to ensure film is at the heart of its work. The Haelo team uses film to set the scene for improvement, capturing patient stories that get to the very heart of the improvements we’re trying to make.

Book your place on Lights, Camera, Improvement today!


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