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Welcome to May edition of This Month! Becky White, Communications Officer give us the update on what has got the team talking…

Manchester: the strength of a city united!

After the absolutely tragic events that took place on Monday sink in, the Manchester spirit has risen up with an amazing show of support, tolerance and love. Our vibrant city of Salford came together with Manchester in the aftermath to provide crucial assistance to those injured or who had missing loved ones. Thousands of people showed their solidarity at Manchester Town Hall at a vigil on Tuesday. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our amazing emergency services, in particular every healthcare professional who helped on the night and subsequent days. It just shows the true essence of compassion which is what our amazing NHS is all about. So thank you to our magnificent friends at Salford Royal, Oldham, Bury and North Manchester General Hospital.

Book your place: Improvement Science for Beginners

Our Senior Digital Communication Manager, Lauren Heaton reviews Improvement Science for Beginners: Demystifying Improvement.

It’s a sunny day here at Haelo HQ and we’re all set up and waiting for today’s attendees. The workshop, lead by Kurt Bramfitt, Senior Improvement Advisor and Nick John, Lead Analyst, will fly through the world of Improvement Science. Giving our beginners all they need to take the first step into the world of improvement. I soon realised I’ve been using this methodology all along, I just didn’t know it! Read the blog here.

The course is available again on 13th July 2017. Find all the details and how to book here.

Competition time!

Need to improve a project? Interested in learning the fundamentals of quality improvement and improvement science? We have a ticket to our next training session up for grabs! For your chance of winning a ticket to the July Improvement Science for Beginners session then either subscribe to our stakeholder newsletter by emailing our team, retweet our tweet or let us know what your hoping to get from the course by tweeting us before 5pm on Tuesday 27th June.

Improver of the month!

Our May Improver of the Month, in May, goes to the marvellous Ben Mensah!

Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust (BEH) teamed up with Haelo in September 2016 to mark an exciting new era in their improvement journey. Over 12 months, a team of improvement experts are supporting a full programme of work that includes a team-based improvement collaborative across the Trust.

Following a recent site visit, our advisors were thrilled to see such great results, innovation and passion. As a result, we are delighted to celebrate this month’s Improver of the MonthBen Mensah, BEH Service Manager! We caught up with Ben, the collaborative team lead, to find out the secret to instigating infectious improvement… read more here.

To nominate yourself, and individual or team to be the next improver of the month, let us know, on twitter or by emailing us on

Improver of the Month Barnet, Enfield & Haringey

Making Safety Visible… again!

Making Safety Visible is bringing together leaders from health and social care in the Greater Manchester North East Sector to improve safety across the whole system.

In 2015, Haelo ran a collaborative programme called Making Safety Visible with 10 organisations across Greater Manchester. The programme challenged the most senior leaders from trust boards, CCG governing bodies and councils to think differently about safety and adopt an innovative approach that widened their view of safety. Following the success of the programme, Making Safety Visible has been identified as an approach that could be used to bring the North East Sector’s health and social care leadership teams together to build capability, develop a shared understanding and to agree and test an ambitious plan for safety improvement across the whole health economy. Read more here.


The third learning session of the BEH ‘Live Love Do’ improvement collaborative took place this week in Barnet, supported by the fantastic team of Penny, Maxine, Stuart, Ben and Kyri.

The collaborative is one key aspect of a wider commissioned programme of work. Made up of 15 teams, the collaborative are well on their way to mastering the methodology and achieving their aims. The event was opened by Maria Kane, Chief Executive of BEH, followed by four of the participating teams presenting their progress to date. Our keynote speaker, Kyri, described her journey into Quality Improvement – which all began in Haelo’s IS4 programme!

We now look forward to the fourth learning session and summit event, which will conclude the 12 month collaborative. Find out more about the programme of work.

Safer Handover Rapid Improvement Event

The Safer Handover programme aims to investigate how information used by clinicians involved in providing patient care is communicated through the system, with an initial focus on interactions between primary and secondary care.

In May, the Safer Handover team brought together frontline clinical staff, professionals allied to medicine (PAMS), management executives, administrators and commissioners from primary and secondary care to create a multi-disciplinary team. Delegates participated in an intense three day rapid improvement event, with the aim of improving handover in Salford on referral into secondary care, and during transfer of care and follow up actions from secondary to primary care in order to improve patient safety.  To find out more, read the event review here.

During the event, a number of actions were generated by the delegates on how to improve the current systems.  The Haelo team will be working over the next few months with the teams to support with the completion of these actions and to build on the momentum generated from the event. Find out more about Safer Handover on the Safer Salford Website.

The event was held in our exciting new events space and meeting rooms, now available for all your room booking needs. If you’re interested in holding a meeting or event with us, contact our events team.

Safer Salford event

Training, Events & Development

Improvement for Beginners – Demystifying Improvement Workshop 13 July 2017 (1 day)
Improvement for Experts – Scale Up and Spread Academy 11–12 July 2017 (2 days)
Improvement for Intermediates – Improvement Science Toolkit 4–6 September 2017 (3 days)

If you are interested in any of the events find out more here or email to be the first to know when specific event tickets go on sale.Improvement Science Training

Dementia Awareness Week 2017

15th – 21st May saw Dementia Awareness Week and all of the Haelo team got involved; from walking a marathon, doing a sponsored silence and dragon boat racing on Salford Quays!

We have also had some fantastic pieces written by our amazingly talented staff, check out the blogs and the round-up of activity here!

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