This Month – January 2018


This Month – January 2018 Video Update

Created by the fabulous Haelo team themselves – This Month is a chance to peek behind the green curtains and catch up with our activities during the last 30 days.

This Month is filmed by Haelo’s staff using their own smartphones to capture our projects – if you’d like to learn how film can be used to capture your team’s work, take a look at our distance learning filmmaking workshop – new dates just added.

It’s been another busy month for the Haelo team. Our January highlights include PIPS Learning Session 3, the Safer Care Homes celebration event, launching Innovating for Improvement Round 6 with The Health Foundation, our Demystifying Improvement workshops around the country and our visit to the Greater Manchester Workforce Collaborative.

We can’t fit everything from the month into one post. For all the news and blogs from Haelo this month, take a look at our Latest section.

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