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Have you been or are on an improvement journey? Involved or are currently involved with an improvement project and looking to take it to the next level? Do you have an improvement project on your ward or in your practice that you are ready to share, scale up and spread?

As part of your membership to GMAHSN and MAHSC, you are invited to Scale Up  and Spread Academy.

Thanks to the above networks, alumni of improvement programmes are being supplied with sponsored tickets.

The two day academy will be led by national and international experts; Chief Executive of Haelo Professor Maxine PowerBrandon Bennett, Founder of Improvement Science Consulting, Director of Outhentics, Mark Outhwaite, and CEO Co-founder of Patient VoicesPip Hardy.

Professor Maxine Power

maxine-e1464281366554Professor Maxine Power, Chief Executive of Haelo, provides strategic leadership, improvement expertise and delivery support for large scale change programmes being delivered locally, nationally and internationally.

Maxine has expertise in strategic leadership of improvement, regularly working with senior leaders within organisations and health systems. Having established the quality improvement system in Salford Royal and completed three years as the National Improvement Advisor at the Department of Health in England (2010-13), Maxine is in a unique position of having worked on improvement within an organisation and within government. She is an honorary Clinical Professor at the University of Manchester Academic Health Science Centre and developed their ground breaking Improvement Science for Academics Programme.

Maxine is regularly asked to support organisations to develop their internal improvement infrastructure and advise on health policy. She has substantial experience in both the NHS and academia completing her doctoral training in neurophysiology in 2001, a Health Foundation Quality Improvement Fellowship in 2006 and a Masters in Public Health at Harvard University in 2007. During her fellowship, she focussed her learning on two key areas: organisational culture and its impact on the adoption of quality and safety initiatives in hospital care and the implementation of large scale change in stroke care. She has over 20 peer reviewed publications and presents around the world on improvement, patient safety, measurement, evaluation and research. Her current interests are in using digital media to support knowledge curation and exchange.

Brandon Bennett

apac-2013-interviewBrandon Bennett began his career in Uganda as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer where he directed a micro-finance program providing people living with HIV access to capital necessary to start small businesses.  While there he also created the Asaph Children Education Fund, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing scholarships to children who would otherwise have no access to education. An endeavour he continues to lead.

He spent 5 years as a full time Improvement Advisor with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), assisting their efforts in low and middle income countries. Five years later, Brandon continues to serve as an Improvement Advisor on IHI’s global initiatives and remains faculty for IHI’s Improvement Advisor Professional Development Program.

His work with Improvement Science Consulting has diversified his experience to include work in multiple countries and across varying sectors. He is a fellow for the Center for Networked Improvement with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, where he focuses his efforts on the application of improvement thinking in the field of Education. Most recently he has partnered with POINT (Poverty Outcomes and Improvement Network Team), an ambitious initiative centered in North East Wisconsin focused on reducing the poverty rate across the region.

Brandon has been partnered with Ko Awatea, a Healthcare Improvement Organisation in New Zealand since 2012. His work has been in guiding its senior team, as they lead a portfolio of diverse programs targeting population health and safety issues at the national, regional and local levels. He has co-authored papers related to quality improvement and has given numerous presentations on improvement science at conferences around the world.

Mark Outhwaite

39bee58Over 13 years as a Chief Executive in the public sector combined with over 11 years working as a consultant and coach in the public and private sector, Mark is now owner and director of Outhentics. Mark has a passion for helping systems, organisations, teams and individuals in the public and private sector navigate complex change successfully. His aim is to mobilise rapidly in order to scope client requirements and thereafter help clients build the capacity, capability and relationships to be able to deliver successfully against those requirements. At the heart of his approach are the principles of co-design and co-production – supporting clients build the relationships that underpin successful change.

His commitment is backed by a wealth of experience and expertise gained from working with a wide range of clients in the public and private sector at all levels of seniority and is built on the foundations over 13 years experience as a Health Authority CEO in the NHS, 2 years as Director/Head of Practice for Technology Adoption in the NHS Modernisation Agency – the NHS’s internal consultancy for change management and service improvement and 10 years as an Army Officer. Mark brings resilience, energy, relentless curiosity and adaptability to projects which is combined with expertise in the use of digital tools to improve effectiveness, productivity and collaboration.

Pip Hardy

pip1Pip Hardy is co-founder director of Pilgrim Projects, an education consultancy specialising in healthcare quality improvement. Pip along with Tony Sumner established the Patient Voices Programme to communicate patients’, carers’ and clinicians’ experiences to designers and deliverers of healthcare, and to support and enrich the development of ‘delightful’ learning.

Pip Hardy has a degree in English Literature, an MSc in Lifelong Learning, and many years’ experience developing and consulting on open and distance learning materials from conception to delivery. Pip’s post-graduate work includes adult education, learning strategies, group work and counselling. She was recently elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce, and is currently investigating the impact of the Patient Voices digital stories for her PhD at Cardiff University.

This event is facilitated by Haelo, sponsored and supported by Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC) and Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (GMAHSN).

All MAHSC & GMAHSN members can book free places to scale up and spread improvement in 2016.

The session will be followed by a WebEx series.

Agenda TBC

Places are limited and allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

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