Review: Salford NHS Health Checks learning session


On Wednesday 30 April over 40 people attended the first learning session for the Salford Health Check Improvement Programme at the Salford Innovation Forum. Working alongside our partners at Salford City Council, Salford Clinical Commissioning Group and the University of Salford and other organisations, we are delivering a programme which aims to increase the uptake of the NHS Health Check in Salford.

The event was organised by Haelo’s Improvement Programmes team and featured presentations from Professor Maxine Power, Director of Innovation and Improvement Science, Salford Royal, Dr Hamish Stedman, Chair, Salford CCG and international Improvement Advisor, Brandon Bennett.

Dr Hamish Stedman and Alan Campbell, Chief Accountable Officer, Salford CCG, encouraged attendees to get involved in the future programme of work. Prof Power talked to the attendees about the Health Check Programme, why there was a case for change and the expectations of the programme. Brandon Bennett told the delegates about the large contribution quality improvement methods will make to increase uptake in the checks.

Ailsa Brotherton, Associate Director of Programmes, Haelo, said: “It was a great start to the Salford NHS Health Checks programme and the learning session brought all of the key organisations together.

“It was inspirational to have different products demonstrated at the event to show what can be done to improve health checks using technology, and having an international presence at the event through Brandon Bennett was fantastic.”

One of the attendees Mike Farrell, Alere, said: “It was a really useful day and a fascinating insight into the various levers required to facilitate a successful Health Check programme.  I think a lot of localities could learn from the approach Haelo are taking in terms of stakeholder engagement and the principle of continuous service improvement.”

There was also product demonstrations from Allscripts who showed their ‘DB motion’ system and from NorthWest eHealth who demonstrated ‘Farsite’. Both of these systems offer possible IT solutions to support the programme of work to identify, call and recall eligible patients for a NHS Health Check.

The next event is scheduled for 8 July 2014.

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