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Why the NHS Health Checks improvement work is important to those taking part

The first learning session of NHS Health Checks took place last Thursday 31 July 2014. Held at Salford Innovation Forum, the event began with a review of the work undertaken so far and reasons why this programme is so important to the City of Salford.

Dr Hamish Stedman opened the presentations for the day with a review of the evidence and emphasised the need to address the impact of cardiovascular disease in the local community. This was followed by a presentation of the measurement strategies and the provider/practice data from last year and the goals for the 1024/2015 year.

International Improvement Advisor, Brandon Bennett led the group in two interactive workshops, coaching and inspiring providers and stakeholders to incorporate rapid tests of change into their daily practice. Providers all fed back on the small tests of change they would be making within their organisations with the support and facilitation by the Haelo team.

Various other presentations occurred throughout the day including an impassioned call from David Herne, Interim Director Public Health, Salford City Council, for all participants to meet the shared vision of completing NHS Health Checks on 60% of the invited eligible population in Salford between April 2014 to March 2015.

The 40+ attendees included practice managers, practice nurses and community workers along with representatives from Salford City Council Public Health, Salford CCG GP’s, industry reps and both Salford and Manchester Universities. The level of engagement, plus the intent to continue with collaborative learning and action was clearly evident. Support from the local stakeholders was strongly communicated to the providers, which will be actioned during the next action phase of the programme.

Bridget Armour, Haelo’s Project Manager for NHS Health Checks said: “The need to make this programme of work a priority in Salford has been clearly addressed today; it is exciting to work with the local providers and see what small changes in their practice can make a difference and increase the uptake of NHS Health Checks across the city.  We are really looking forward to the next Learning Session on 2 October to review and share the work going on in Salford, reflect on the changes being made and to track what a difference this is making to the uptake of NHS Health Checks in Salford”.

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Presentations and relevant documents are available to attendees via our Haelo Hub.

NHS Health Checks Learning Session 1

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