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“Fantastic and inspirational” just one of the standout comments from our second annual conference, Haelo Hosts ’15, which took place on 12-13 November, bringing over 150 delegates to the heart of Salford to hear about the amazing improvements that are happening in the city and to take inspiration from others from around the world. Here’s our review of the action packed two days.

The main conference theme was ‘underground improvement’ and celebrated a hand picked group of pioneers who have shown how vision, values, goals, personal strength, endurance, resilience, emotional intelligence and creativity have as much to contribute to improvement as project plans and capability building.

The event was chaired by our own Prof Maxine Power, and Mike Farrar, Management Consultant, who guided participants throughout the event. This included opening our text polling system, which would be used throughout the day for delegates to submit  their real-time feedback. To familliarise our delegates with the system, Maxine asked everyone to create their own ‘underground improver name’ Haelo’s personal favourite being Colonel Digby!

Steve Brain, Managing Director at Allscripts, our platinum event partner, opened Haelo Hosts, outlining the importance of events such as this for sharing ideas, and introducing Allscripts’ vision for tomorrow’s data-driven healthcare: personalised, preventative, effective health management.

Steve was followed by Dr Alison Cronin, director of Monkeyworld, who shared how her passion to save smuggled and mistreated primates has evolved from small beginnings on an old pig farm in Dorset into a highly influential worldwide rescue programme with world-leading sanctuary facilities. Alison’s presentation showed attendees how, through passion, persistence and resilience, you can stay true to your vision and achieve massive change.

Next up, Maxine and Mike introduced our first ‘Spirit of Salford‘ film of the day – the story of Clarendon Surgery “highlighting innovation in primary care”

You could hear a pin drop in the room when Julie Flaherty, Nurse Consultant at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust told her story of “Ebola on the front line”. Julie was one of 1,600 NHS staff who volunteered to help provide vital medical care in Sierra Leonne, and her presentation really hit home with a “reality check” reminding us of the 12,000+ lives lost and over 15,000 children orphaned by this highly infectious disease. Despite extreme environmental and resource challenges, there was an ever-present need to maintain precision and attention to detail for thorough infection control. Julie invited two of the Haelo team onto stage, in full ebola suits, to talk through a demonstration of how those on the front line were expected to remove their suits, without touching their own skin and in blistering heat! A great story of success ‘against all odds’. Julie ended her presentation with a powerful call to action:

“It’s not the mountain you have to climb that’s the problem, it’s the grain of sand in your shoe. Change your shoe. You can do anything.”

Staying with the theme of ebola, we heard from Tana Wuliji, Technical Officer at the World Health Organization, who presented on the challenge of rebuilding healthcare systems in the aftermath of this epidemic. Sharing learning from Libera, where ebola had a significant impact on already limited general healthcare coverage, Tana described how working as a team, using simple innovations and monitoring data for regular feedback were critical in their efforts. Through this work, the immense importance of communities as a valuable resource for support, innovation and new ideas became apparent, as well as the role of the health workers who served, and were trusted by, these communities and acted as the conduits for outreach and improvement. These healthcare workers Tana described as “our underground improvement army of innovators”.

Over lunch, our delegates visited our exhibitors including Allscripts, The Health Foundation, NHS QUEST, AQuA and our own Haelo stand.

Once back in the room Maxine and Mike introduced our next “Spirit of Salford” film – this told the story of Irlam Community Fire Station and David Pike, a member of the firecrew at the station. This inspirational story tells of how the fire station used antisocial behaviour as the catalyst to transform their community and had the room mesmerised.

Next it was Tom Williams, Managing Director of parkrun. Tom was introduced with a short film, produced by Haelo one Saturday morning at our local Worsley parkrun. Parkrun is a global phenomemon of free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, no fees are involved, and they are safe and easy to take part in. Tom described how the infrastructure for parkrun has been built on individuals’ passion and resourced through building relationships with other organisations and businesses.

The real time feedback showed 11 declared parkrun converts in the time Tom presented! Tom was joined on stage by Sandi Carman, Head of Patient & Healthcare Governance at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Sandi is an avid parkrunner and gave a user perspective of this organisation, sharing how parkrun is a great family activity and helps achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Now late afternoon, we were joined by Canada’s own Doc Mike Evans. Mike had the audience captivated with the story of how his massively popular YouTube whiteboard video series “kinda just started” with one video – without any long-term planning or idea of just how successful this would end up being. Mike introduced us to the ‘new era of media’, where the peer-to-peer sharing of story-based information is the major vehicle for the spread of information online, and the different capabilities, wants and needs of audiences mean that a “buffet of tools” is needed to reach every segment of this market. The focus of successful health messaging, we were told, should be on “relentless congenial nudging”, with small steps to change the choice architecture and environment having more impact on behavioural change than heroic initiatives.

Prior to the close, we introduced Ian Stewart, Salford City Mayor onto stage to present awards to our speakers and films today that have demonstrated the spirit of Salford, awards went to Dr Jeremy Tankel, Clarendon Surgery, Dave Pike, Fireman, Irlam Community Fire Station and Julie Flaherty, Nurse Consultant, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

Mike and Maxine closed the day with a summary of what we’d learnt and what to expect tomorrow.

Day 2

Following a great night at Haelo’s inaugural Film Festival our delegates were back in the room for opening remarks by Penny Pereira, Assistant Director at The Health Foundation, who were gold partners of the conference.

Penny spoke on the importance of connecting improvers, highlighting the Health Foundation’s ‘Q Initiative’ which seeks to connect, mobilise and support people who are doing improvmement work. This new national programme of work is currently in the design process, and already has huge Twitter engagement and a shared intent with its initial cohort to create a much larger scale network.  They are harnessing this engagement with a Twitter discussion on the 18th and 19th of November, and we look forward to seeing how this network develops.

Next up – “DevoManc: make or break”, with quick fire presentations from Rt Hon Hazel Blears, who gave her experienced insight into the political context around devolution, Warren Heppolette, Strategic Director, Health & Social Care Reform GM, who gave a local, Greater Manchester context to the work, and Sir David Dalton, Chief Executive of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, who set out a framework for launching change.

Mike Farrar lead the next session, splitting the room into four quadrants to work together on a future planning session, asking attendees to discuss four potential future health economy scenarios and think about the positives, negatives and opportunities that each would present, and the actions they will take away from this session to either secure or avoid such a future.

After a break, we welcomed new faces to the room for the launch of Dementia United, which has since featured in the Manchester Evening News.

This session included engaging presentations from Prof Alistair Burns, George McNamara and Sir David Dalton on how Greater Manchester intends to achieve its aims to improve the experience of people with dementia – laid out clearly in a driver diagram for change. Dr Ann Johnson gave an honest and inspiring presentation on her diagnosis journey and experience of living well with dementia, which had a huge impact on the audience.

These speakers were then joined on stage by Hazel Blears for a short Q&A panel, where discussion topics included implementation of the aims and patient and carer inclusion in this work. This session also launched Alzheimer’s Society’s new film.

Why not view our storify review, or take a look at our photo gallery.

Haelo Hosts will be back in 2016 (Thursday 10 – Friday 11 November 2016), we look forward to seeing you there!

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