Let’s Restore Hope


Team Haelo meet every Friday to update, share and learn from each other. During our hectic working weeks, we take an hour out to re-connect, challenge each other and let off some steam! Maxine Power, our Senior Fellow, explored our mission statement and what that means to us.

In true comms fashion, Haelo’s Communication Manager, Vicky Grimes, thought we should post a blog about it…

Our Haelo mission is to positively influence the delivery of public services, restore hope and become a powerful agent for change by adding to the growing knowledge of how improvement works in theory and practice.

So what does this mean? Let’s explore the phrase ‘restore hope’?

We now live in a world where budgets, resources, our time to think or even process our surroundings are being squeezed and restricted. We operate within industries where there is work overload and pressures to over achieve within tight deadlines versus growing expectations. All these elements together create a perfect storm. A storm, that when we’re working under the weight of it, can cause a mental paralysis.

Have you ever had that feeling, when you have so much to do you just stop, with an overwhelming feeling that you can’t process or cope? And the only way to carry on is to just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other, until the bell rings and you can go home.

If Haelo can be a place where you can be enthusiastic, vocalise wild ideas, learn new skills and meet new people with no fear of failure… that to me, is restoring hope. This is not only in our mission but reflecting through everything we do and emitted from every member of the Haelo team. It’s not only refreshing, but also supportive of your health and wellbeing. And this isn’t just a casual statement, but part of our brand identity.

Our mission may be a statement on paper, but we bring it to life on our digital platforms, such as our website (the global window into Haelo) or on social media. It’s in all of our events, in all our interactions, creating a positive experience each time you engage with Haelo.

Trust me, this is not just a cover. We have real examples and we work on scientific foundations so we can be held to account on our actions and teachings.

Friday Night Lights, is an example of how people and organisations ‘restore hope’ where the Irlam Fire Station providing a community fire service, transformed a problem with troublesome adolescents who were starting fires, into a cadet training programme.

Friday Night Lights from Haelo on Vimeo.

We have evolved from an eight person organisation, working independently on separate projects, to a successful innovation centre with over 30 members of staff connecting on new levels every single day. We attract enduring relationships and strive to embody a family ethos to create a brand that you can be proud to be a part of. As an innovation centre, we will always seek to improve our process and continue working together.

I am proud to work among a group of highly talented and valued individuals. We’re a place where professionals graduate with new skill sets to venture and progress. We have people who have found their niche here, they have found their path but with so much flexibility to grow and the opportunity to become a leader.

Haelo is about the people, the talent and our actions to restore hope, acting locally and influencing globally.

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