Pip pip hooray, it’s the summit!


Haelo held the final event for the Practices Improving Processes in Salford (PIPS) programme at Haelo HQ marking the end of a 12 month long programme.

From April 2017 through to the end of March 2018, Haelo delivered a combination of three learning sessions and regular visits by dedicated improvement coaches. The programme, commissioned by Salford CCG aimed to provide eight GP practices in Salford with suitable training and onsite support to re design key processes that impact on patient outcomes, patient and carer experience, staff experience, value and efficiency.

The overall aims of the programme are:

  1. To build relationships that enable effective partnership working
  2. To understand and build Quality Improvement (QI) capability in the practices through training them to use a selection of diagnostic tools
  3. Deliver efficiencies and improve productivity thus releasing valuable resource

Built on the learning from PrISMS, the team extrapolated learning into a new approach. The personalised PIPS programme operated at practice level ensuring all teams had personal motivation driving their project and were accountable for their progress with consistent guidance without unnecessary pressure.

Our special guest at the summit, Dr Tom Tasker, GP at St Andrew and Eccles and NHS Salford CCG Chair, thanked participating teams and recognised that General Practice is currently a difficult place to be. Tom explained that โ€œwe might not be able to change overnight but we can look at the way in which we work โ€“ making small changes to relieve pressures. You now have the tools to take this work forward and continually improve.โ€

Laura Jackman, PIPS Improvement Coach, presented a session on building capability using the data from various skills questionnaires in a radar chart. Together we looked at the skills developed from the launch event, through the three learning sessions, in four key areas: planning an improvement project, methodology, testing change and data.

Prepared with posters, teams set up a marketplace to present their work. Attendees asked questions and voiced reflections on each project, their changes and data.

Here are some examples of practise posters, click to open in new tab for an enlarged file.

In a group work session, Marie Clayton, Senior Manager for Innovation and Research at NHS Salford CCG,facilitates a planning and reflective discussion around three questions:

  • What do you plan to do next?
  • Can you spread you efficiencies?
  • What would you do differently?

Teams collectively agreed that PIPS had pushed them into making change in a structured and measured way. They expressed an interest to continue learning from each other and keep the conversation going to sustain QI work and encourage confidence in using the tools.

Before the event concluded, Dr Tom Tasker was back to the front to celebrate teams with their certificates completing the QI programme. Special recognition certificates were awarded to Mocha Parade Medical Practice for their transformational achievements during the programme and Sorrel Group Practice for their application of the QI methodology, quite literally using every tool in the box!

In closing words, Dr Tasker reiterated the need for teams to carry on working on the network they have built, to take home the tools and maintain momentum. Inspired by the great work of teams, Tom exclaims heโ€™ll be going back to his practice to process map!

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