Over the finish line!


Earlier this year Zoe Egerickx, Senior Programme Manager for NHS Quest, took on the incredible 26 mile London Marathon feat for the NSPCC. 

My first blog. What’s compelled me to write this? My desire to keep the memory of the London Marathon alive and inspire others to sign up for this or a similar challenge. We all have them. You just have to look a little further than your comfort zone. You may not know what your challenge might be. My husband has run 10 marathons before me and whilst I’m an avid spectator and find the wave of emotion quite exhilarating as I watch people cross the start line (the elite and those with disabilities who rely on the dedicated people in their team to enable them to participate). And at the other end of the route, 26.2 miles later as people walk, run, jog or are literally carried over the finish line by their comrades. I watched on the sidelines thinking that would never be me. I didn’t have the drive or motivation to train hard to achieve a good time. My motivator was to live the experience. To be on the other side of the barrier to receive the cheers and encouragement that I do enjoy offering others. The final piece in the puzzle was a desire to raise money for a charity that I have a personal attachment to.

So, that was it. I put my heart and soul into training. I followed a plan and stuck to it! I measured my progress and my confidence grew as I watched my distance increase, my times improve and my body adjust and become stronger. I set mini, personal goals and did cartwheels in my mind when I achieved them with ease. On the difficult days when things didn’t go so well I reminded myself that my pain was insignificant compared to the suffering of children who I wanted to help.

So that was it. I did it. I ran the London Marathon and it was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I smiled for the entire 26.2 miles. When I saw my friends in the crowd, I danced. When I saw my husband I felt proud. The atmosphere was electric. I wish everyone could experience what I did. If I could do it all again tomorrow, I would. It was one of my 7 wonders of the world!

Set yourself a challenge! Find out how to apply for charity entry into the London Marathon.

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