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Haelo’s Project Officer Ben Morris has since left Haelo for pastures new but not before one last blog with his improvement journey reflections.

So after an enjoyable journey, Friday 20th October will be my last day at Haelo. Whilst completing my exit interview, I reflected on the fantastic journey that I have had with Haelo and thought… why not one more blog before I leave?

I still remember my first day at Haelo like it was yesterday. Walking into the Mayo Building at Salford Royal Hospital, I was full of excitement to get going in my first job after graduating. Talk about easy introductions into working life, I was thrust straight into three large programmes of work: Dementia United, Barnet Enfield & Haringey NHS Trust and Medway CCG programmes of work.

After a shuffle in the team structure my efforts were then solely focused on the Barnet, Enfield & Haringey NHS Trust (BEH) programme and their Live, Love, Do Collaborative. During my time working with BEH, I have learnt so much. As we entered the collaborative, I remember thinking that ‘I’ve never done this before’ but neither had BEH, so we can learn together!

I entered the first learning session back in November 2015, where myself, Maxine (Power), Penny (Martin) and Bob (Diepeveen) delivered the first collaborative event. Before heading down to London, I had been on foundation training around the Model for Improvement but this only scratched the surface, I remember at the learning session frantically scribbling additional notes down about the models and theorists, trying to capture all the knowledge I possible could from Maxine. It was a scary thought to think I would be coaching teams on this subject soon!

Ben Morris teaching

Ben Morris teaching


During many Haelo team meetings, the phrase ‘thrown a massive curve ball’ was often said about unexpected issues that cropped up. Well I was thrown one of these by Maxine and Penny. Just prior to the learning session I was asked to teach the PDSA game at the event – this was a complete shock to me! Not only had I never experienced a collaborative, I was then asked to facilitate as well. But, and this is a massive BUT, amongst the panic and worry, I was grateful and relished the opportunity to facilitate at a event so early on in my career at Haelo. It was a fantastic opportunity and one that I hope I did well in! In the words of Craig Revel Horwood, “It wasn’t a complete disaster” as I went on with a renewed confidence to facilitate more during the collaborative.

Model for Improvement Haelo

The Model for Improvement

My collaborative experience has been fantastic and I’ve learnt so much about the Model for Improvement, interpreting data, coaching teams…the list goes on. Recently the BEH Year 1 Collaborative came to an end with the Summit Event where teams celebrated the successes they had achieved during the year, but this was also a fantastic opportunity for me to reflect on the progress I had made during the collaborative, all supported by the wonderful BEH Team based at Haelo HQ.

Penny, Bob and Laura Jackman have all helped me develop skills entering this collaborative at BEH. Penny assisted me by embedding the model for improvement theory and Laura has shown me how to develop run charts in excel, calculating the median, goal lines and how you adjust the median following a shift or trend occurring in the data. Bob has supported me during the collaborative with how best to coach teams in order for them to achieve the improvements they desire but also how you look at data within the charts and the story it tells you.

Now for those of you that know our team, I’m missing one person from my development story which is of course…….Stuart Clough.

During the collaborative, Stuart has provided me some of his expert project management skills that I will utilise throughout my career. Stuart has encouraged me to develop myself during the collaborative by pushing me to learn new skills and immerse myself in the theory of the model for improvement. But more importantly he has been a fantastic line manager and someone who has taught me so much during my time at Haelo.

Ben Morris Haelo

Ben and colleagues relax after a long day!

As I enter my final week at Haelo, I will be very sad to leave behind the wonderful team but I’m extremely excited about the new opportunities ahead. Farewell Haelo!

On behalf of the whole team at Haelo, congratulations Ben and wishing you the very best of luck in your next chapter!

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