NDPP wins Advancing Healthcare Award


The National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) in Salford has won a 2017 Advancing Healthcare Award.

Congratulations to Gillian Rawlinson, Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Services (MSK) Physiotherapy Practitioner at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Helen Slee, Project Manager for Salford NDPP, Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Haelo.

The National Diabetes Prevention Programme won the FPH (Faculty of Public Health) and PHE (Public Health England) Award for Contributions to Public Health, for: providing NHS health checks and diabetes prevention checks in musculoskeletal physiotherapy services. The award recognises innovation, creativity, leadership and compassion.

Salford CCG and Salford Public Health designed, developed and implemented a pilot that embeds the principle of every contact counts for health promotion; in order to improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities. Haelo and the MSK service worked closely together to embed this collaborative service re-design to incorporate opportunistic health assessments, NHS Health Checks and diabetes screening within routine physiotherapy assessments. This approach has already delivered beneficial outcomes to the MSK service users and is in the process of being scaled up across physiotherapy services in Salford.

Congratulations for the achievement have already been received from Salford commissioners from Public Health and the CCG, along with city councillors.

Helen Slee, Project Manager here at Haelo, described the award as “a fantastic achievement for the partners working on the pilot, and demonstrates the continued determination for Salford to lead in developing innovative solutions to public health issues.”

Congratulations again to Gillian, Helen and the wider team!

Find more information on the awards here.


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