Using film to tell our stories


To mark National Storytelling Week, we’re celebrating how Haelo use film in a unique way to tell our stories.

Patient stories are films that highlight issues in healthcare as seen through a patient’s eyes. In Living Well with Dementia you’ll see the story of Lesley and Sam Calvert; helping themselves and others to live well with dementia, in a film commissioned by Salford Clinical Commissioning Group.

Living Well with Dementia – A Salford Story from Haelo on Vimeo.

Heart Care at Home | Brendan’s Story is a film about the innovative work of Central Manchester Foundation Trust’s heart care team, who provide home care and day case centre care for patients with heart problems. The aim of the project was to reduce the length of hospital stay for patients, caring for them in a more controlled setting. This film was produced for Fozia Ahmed, who was inspired to undertake this work when she learned about improvement science during Haelo’s Improvement Science for Academics (IS4Ac) programme.

Heart Care at Home | Brendan from Haelo on Vimeo.

The much loved Brenda’s Story discusses the issues that she, and many other patients face, on a day-to-day basis. Including managing multiple conditions and 15 medicines while still trying to remain independent. I would urge you to read Maxine’s powerful blog For Brenda, which acknowledges collective community action – written for Dementia Awareness Week 2016.

We also use story telling in our community films, including Flood, Sweat and Tears which celebrates the spirit of Salfordians. Friday Night Lights, the heart warming story of how a Salford Fire Station used the antisocial behaviour that was happening on their doorstep as the catalyst to transform their community.

One of our most popular films at Haelo, Nurses on Death and Dying. Nurses from Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust opened up about their training, the beginnings of their careers, the importance of mentoring, first experiences of dealing with a death and going the extra mile.

Nurses on Death and Dying from Haelo on Vimeo.

Interested in film? Find out more about our Lights Camera Improvement film workshop or if you’ve got an idea you want to see in film, get in touch.

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