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What can we take from Brenda’s story? Our Associate Director of Innovation, Abigail Harrison, digs into the numbers to find something more.

When working to improve health and healthcare our goal is always to have a positive impact on the care of our patients. It can be easy though to become focused on the problems and the numbers especially when we are talking to others about the systems we are trying to improve.

“30-50% of patients don’t take their medicines as intended” – this is an often quoted figure, but what does this really mean? How do we connect the teams we are working with to address this issue?

I was very fortunate recently to spend some time with Brenda. Brenda is a vibrant, independent woman with multiple conditions and on 15 medicines. We talked to Brenda about her life, her children and her experience of healthcare.

Impossible task

When you watch the film you can see that Brenda has an almost impossible task in staying safe and managing her medicines, something which she desperately wants to be able to do. The film shows us the impact this has on her life but most importantly it connects us to her as a person, it makes us feel for her and it makes us laugh.

I would encourage you to share this film with your colleagues and use it as an opportunity to connect with a personal experience of healthcare and talk about safety from the patient’s perspective. That way, we can see past the numbers and find the patients.

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