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As we relocate to Media City, our Chief Executive Professor Maxine Power reflects on Haelo’s humble beginnings and the potential for the future.

So we’ve done it! We’ve moved Haelo into its new home in Media City at Salford Quays. We were all sad to leave the Mayo Building at Salford Royal, a special place that we have called home for the last three years and an environment treasured most for how ‘intimate’ it was. We were really close to great friends and colleagues in clinical practice, improvement, leadership and operational management. We are hoping you’ll come over and see us in our new place really soon? There is an open invitation to all our friends to drop in anytime. We are right opposite the Harbour Quay tram stop on the ground floor of the Victoria Building. It’s really easy to get here on the tram, on foot or by car. We have easy access to the multi story car park opposite – so no excuses!

Some of you will be wondering why we have moved? Well, quite honestly we have simply grown out of our original space. Over the last three years, we have gone from having 12 people to having over 40 staff, 20 associates and 100’s of alumni who together make up Haelo. Our work is changing and our significant relationships with partners in the University, City Council, Primary Care and Clinical Commissioning Group mean that we need to be part of the Salford community rather than part of the hospital. Finally, we want to develop a space where everyone from public service in Salford can come to be creative, to think differently and to innovate.

Our current offices are a blank canvas but we have a lovely bright space, filled with light and positioned right on the banks of the canal. We are just over the bridge from the wonderful Lowry Theatre and round the corner from the BBC and Media City. Peel Holdings are our new landlords and we feel very much a part of our new environment already. We are busy living in the space and will be gradually moving towards the ‘finished product’ over the next six months.

upload-2Yesterday I walked out of Haelo, up the canal for five minutes and popped in at lunchtime to visit the Salford Leadership team as they met to discuss the Safer Salford programme. They were very at home in the Hexagon room at the Lowry and busy discussing the measuring and monitoring of safety framework and how it can be used to change our thinking about care services across all settings. This is truly ground breaking work and, whilst not without its challenges, is exactly the kind of work we need to do to stretch ourselves here in Salford and demonstrate to the rest of the world the ‘possible’. Our joint ambition is to be the safest health and care system in the UK. In Salford our relationships are the key to a healthy and prosperous health and care system and our future work with Salford together offers the opportunity to work with neighbourhoods in a collaborative way to jointly re-design services.

maxine-blog-4After this I went over to The Landing. A fascinating place where design, innovation and digital are alive. Walking through the building with John Corner the CEO, I was struck by the opportunity we have here in Salford. The design of the workspace and the creativity of the city just oozes out of the building. John and his colleagues have just re-worked their digital laboratories so that they can use 3D headsets to ‘create’ experiences, one of their labs is focused on health. I met inventors who showed me their 3D printing capability and marvelled at the 3D printed door wedge which they just printed that morning. The things they are doing with sensors and feedback systems for use in boxing have applicability to a host of clinical and rehabilitation challenges. I was reminded of my roots as a Speech and Language therapist with the demonstration of ‘project time box’ a prototype to allow easy building of personalised video and photography materials. You should really check this out!

My day yesterday just reminded me how fortunate we are and what a host of opportunities we have here, not just for Haelo but for the wider partnership and the whole population of Salford. Our goal in the next year is to figure out how we can leverage our new space and we are hoping you will help us figure this out.

If you want to come and see us we are ‘open for business’. Your ideas, friendship and continued support are highly valued.

Can’t wait to see you at Haelo Hosts and excited to be working with you in 2017 and beyond…


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  1. Congratulations Maxine and thanks again for all the support generously given to your friends in Scotland.
    Kind regards
    Diane Murray