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Making Safety Visible is bringing together leaders from health and social care in the Greater Manchester North East Sector to improve safety across the whole system.


In 2015, Haelo ran a collaborative programme called Making Safety Visible with 10 organisations across Greater Manchester. The programme challenged the most senior leaders from trust boards, CCG governing bodies and councils to think differently about safety and adopt an innovative approach that widened their view of safety. Following the success of the programme, Making Safety Visible has been identified as an approach that could be used to bring the North East Sector’s health and social care leadership teams together to build capability, develop a shared understanding and to agree and test an ambitious plan for safety improvement across the whole health economy.

Delivered by Haelo, the programme brings together Chief Execs, Chief Operating Officers and Medical and Nursing Directors from the hospitals, local authorities, community and mental health providers and CCGs across the North East Sector, a hugely complex health system encompassing Oldham, Bury, Rochdale and North Manchester.

The aim of the programme is to develop strong partnership for system improvement and a shared improvement strategy for the whole health economy. The programme is underpinned by the ‘Measuring and Monitoring of Safety’ framework (Vincent 2012) as core content and will be pushing our leaders to think differently about safety moving from a focus on the past to safety in real time and predicting and preventing safety issues from occurring.

Launching the Making Safety Visible collaborative

Fantastic to see a brilliant turn out for the launch of the Making Safety Visible programme on 2 May 2017 with 40 leaders of health and social care in the North East Sector all coming together to talk about improving safety.

Sir David Dalton Group Chief Executive & Elaine Inglesby-Burke CBE Group Executive Nurse Director/Deputy Chief Executive open the evening. Together they stress the importance of having the number of leaders in the room, from different organisations with a breadth of experience coming together for a common purpose.

Dr Chris Brookes, Group Executive Medical Director concludes the opening by addressing the remarkable variation across the health care system and how that affects patients, professionals and families who want safe and reliable care. Dr Brookes encourages participants to use this programs as a springboard into better communications and relationships between organisations to together improve the safety profile of the North East Sector.

Everyone on their feet, time to go and speak to someone you don’t know…

Making Safety Visible

Abigail Harrison, Associate Director of Digital and Innovation at Haelo and Prof Maxine Power, Haelo Chief Executive introduced our role in the programme. We are experts in applying improvement science to improve public services, particularly in healthcare. In addition to forming introductions, we held the launch event to give participants the opportunity to design the programme that will take place over the next 12 months. Attendees were seated in their localities; Oldham, North, Rochdale and Bury. Abigail stated that we know that we need to be purposeful in breaking down organisational barriers to work together to improve safety. The Making Safety Visible programme will facilitate this. Although individuals on the table may have separate aims, they will come together to create an ambitous goal for their locality. We hope to create a different space to enable a different conversation where we learn and improve together.

Abigail gives a brief overview of the framework they will be using “Measuring and Monitoring of Safety framework” (Vincent et al, 2013) which will underpin the programme moving us from a focus on past harm to exploring reliability, real time safety, prediction and prevention and integration and learning.

Much of the time was spent with delegates discussing as a locality team what they wanted to get out of the programme, feeding back by text to a number of questions.

As we progress in the collaborative over the next 12 months, we hope to see participants thinking differently about safety and using innovative ideas to shape their future. We heard from one delegate who described the event as “empowering, motivating and positive” also highlighting the “rare occasion” to bring these key people together bringing huge potential.

We look forward to meeting again for the first learning session on the 5th July!

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  1. I notice that Non Executives weren’t invited this year, this isn’t a criticism, I just wondered why the conclusion had been to leave them out this time?