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Read the live event blog from the final summit of the Improving Medicines Safety programme, held on Friday 22 April. You can read this and more by following the hashtag on twitter #IMSTransfers


We’re at the Improving Medicines (IMS) Safety Summit today, Friday 22 April, a Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network (GMAHSN) programme hosted by Haelo.

Taking place at The Lowry, Salford Quays, we’ll be celebrating teams who have completed the IMS Breakthrough Series Collaborative over the past nine months, with the aim to reduce harm from medicines in Greater Manchester.


Delegates arrive for registration, as Haelo green shirts prepare for kick off at 10am. Be sure to join in on twitter with the hashtag #IMSTransfers

10.00am Welcome and introductions from Haelo’s own Associate Director of Science and Capability, Matt Cope. It’s sadly Matt’s last day with Haelo today, so let’s make sure he goes out with a bang!

10:18am Debut of Haelo’s latest expert film: Improving Medicines Safety: The Best Bits! A fantastic way to wrap up a productive, challenging and inspiring 9 months.

Fantastic to see energy and enthusiasm in the room from IMS delegates, as for the vast majority of the day will be hearing direct from you!

10:25am Welcome from Steve Gillibrand, Clinical Pharmacist, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust seconded to Haelo and GM AHSN to deliver the IMS collaborative.

“It has been clear many of you have competed pressure on your time, despite this everyone has continued to articulate and committed to the value of work we’re trying to do. It’s been inspiring to how team have overcome the challenges they faced.

It’s possible to do anything if you’re willing to take steps to do it.

 “It’s been a privileged to work on the programme and with you all. Thank you!”

10:35am Senior Programme Manager at Haelo, Caroline Rogers presents A Clinician’s Perspective

Honest and thought provoking presentation from Caroline about the clinicians perspective and the impact of making drug errors, as opposed to the patients perspective.

Caroline discusses the relationship from blame culture to a learning culture.

Blame Culture

“All nurses make mistakes, good nurses admit mistakes.”

10:45am It’s now time for the first half of Team Presentations, with question and answer sessions to follow where teams can discuss joint challenges, their solutions and new ideas.

IMS Team Presentations

The East Lancashire Team present on their experience as an IMS team. They discuss their challenges, from staffing, to strikes and snow, aside from the difficulties with data sharing and workload.

11:00am Next up, Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust. Brilliant to see the use of methodology, looking at something new with fresh eyes.

11:10am Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust are up discussing their progress, challenges and successes. The team discuss their experience process mapping. You can read a Haelo guest blog from green shirt Kayleigh Price on our recent team session discussing the power and importance of process mapping.

IMS presesntations

11:30am Time for a break, before we re group for Transfers of Care with Matt Cope.

Fabulous visual minutes are coming together, by More than Minutes, we can’t wait to see the end result!

Visual minutes

11:50am We’re back with Matt Cope and discussing….

What have we learnt

Teams are reviewing the driver diagram, looking at the most and least helpful drivers, what they haven’t tried and what is missing. We’re using Text Polling to pool answers live on screen.

12:10pm We’re now enjoying a fantastic film produced by the Haelo film team. Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh have filmed their IMS journey. Watch WWL Case Study:

A few words from the team, following a passionate and positive experience with IMS:

“We’ve had a really good experience working on this project and experience working in Improvement Science”

“We’ve made real changes with patients.”

“We’ve made the whole experience for the patient better.”


12:20pm Team have collected their IMS sealed pledge capsules. Groups wrote their own personal pledges in workshop one, now we’re hearing their reactions to where they are now.

Tablet Pledge

12:25pm It’s time to get into the data, as we collectively review data from the collaborative across all teams.

Matt pulls out some interesting highlights from the charts, before breaking into a discussion around measurement – teams discuss if thees results met their expectations.  From looking at data across the whole collaborative, teams can see where other teams strengths lie and share learning.

All measure are collated in the ‘Defect Free Medicines Care’ chart below:

Defect Free Medicines Care J

12:40pm Knowledge Exchange: Breakout sessions include:

Executive Leaders
Patient and public involvement
Health economy team case studies



Delegates, pictured below, review and discuss team posters overlooking the Quays.


13:50pm We’re back from a hearty lunch for the next half of team presentations.

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust and Bridgewater NHS Foundation Trust are up first discussing their IMS journey. “We’ve laid down foundations for the future.”


Central Manchester we’re unfortunately unable to attend, so a short video has been played to the group. And finally, University Hospital of South Manchester.


Matt Cope leads ‘Scale up and Spread’, walking us through Implementation. A scientist background, Matt confesses his love for definitions and the Improvement Guide.

Discussion ImpMatt sets everyone a task to write their name down with their right hand, then again with left hand. Matt is showing us how it can be difficult, and frustrating to implement change for the right handed delegates. Whilst turning to the left handed people, who are leading the way and can share their practice.

Right and Left

14:45pm: The room is now hearing from Bolton NHS Foundation Trust. They share a patient story, that probably seems to familiar to other teams, where a patient has gone into hospital and not come out without the tools to live independently.

And last but certainly not least, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, share their journey complete with patient story.

15:00pm We are now delighted to invite to the stage, our final speaker of the collaborative, Professor Maxine Power of Haelo completes the ‘Scale up and Spread‘ session.

“There’s a room full of people here not just talking about improvement, but actually doing it. And that’s fantastic!”

“If you we’re a joiner and you turned up to a job without a saw or hammer, then you’re not going to do a very good job. If you go into improvement, without the tools and information you require, you’re not going to change any systems.”

Here is your improvement toolkit, with four components:

Scale up and spread J

We all know how important is to wash our hands in hospital, but this was not always the case. During Maxine’s session we hear about Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian obstetrician whose work in the 1800’s demonstrated that the simple act of hand washing would drastically reduce the number of women dying after childbirth.

Sadly he was ridiculed by his peers, and attacked by most senior medical figures. Years of rejection took its toll, and although it is not for certain, this was said to have caused his admission into a mental asylum, where he later died. The real truth of the matter is that his cynics were wrong and he was right. Dr. Semmelweis paid a heavy price as he devoted his short, troubled life to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the noble quest to save lives.

All delegates in the room deserve great credit for the challenging change! If you haven’t already heard the story, make sure you read the whole story.


Now before we head to the awards, Jane Macdonald, Patient Safety Lead at Greater Manchester AHSN reflects on the 9 month journey delegates in the room have embarked on, and what our next steps are.


Matt Cope presents four IMS awards to complete the afternoon:

Improvement Scientists: Manchester Mental Health Social Care Trust

Patient Engagement Award: Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS FT / Margaret Hughes

Inspiring Improver: Dave Pitchforth, Pennine Acute Trust

Best in Show Award: Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS FT


And finally, closing remarks from Mike Burrows, Associate Director GM AHSN.


Visual minutes look fabulous!


Minutes - Summit

Minutes - achieved

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