Learning from NHS Health Checks


Learning from Salford NHS Health Checks Improvement Journey: A document review

A review has been conducted by the University of Salford. The aim of this review was to explore the outcomes of the 2014-2016 collaboration between Salford City Council (SCC), Haelo and other Salford Partners with respect to improving the uptake of NHS Health Checks.

To familiarise yourself with the programme of work, read our case study which explains how Haelo, commissioned by Salford City Council from 2013-2016, used improvement science methodologies to increase the uptake of NHS Health Checks in Salford.

The outcomes of this project are split into three separate reports: Part A – Executive Summary; Part B – Research Report and Part C – Technical Report. All documents can be viewed on the University of Salford Institutional Depository.

You can find the Executive Response from Haelo and Salford City Council here.

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