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This week we we’re delighted to welcome Dr Kevin Snee to Haelo HQ!

At Haelo, we regularly welcome national and international visitors to our offices for Information and Exchange Visits. Our visitors set out specific learning objectives so we can plan and build a bespoke agenda around their needs, including learning sessions, expert one to ones, programme presentations and tours of our health and care sites. Most recently, we welcomed Dr Kevin Snee.

Kevin spent six years as a clinician on the ‘shop floor’ and then a further seven years as a population health physician in the UK. For a further seven years Kevin was a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the NHS before becoming the CEO in New Zealand at Hawke’s Bay District Health Board since October 2009.

Kevin spent three packed days with Haelo exploring Salford and Manchester health and social care sites, hearing about various initiatives, meeting executives and sharing learning. Here’s how Kevin found his visit.

What have you been up to you over the past couple of days?

I’ve been visiting a number of people working in and with Haelo – doing some really interesting stuff here in improvement both in the traditional sense across hospitals and getting into whole system thinking – and also spending some time with people working in primary care, in local government and in hospitals.

It’s been interesting to see some of the changes that have happened since I used to work around Greater Manchester. I worked in Bolton, Bury and Rochdale up until 2006, so over the last ten years Salford Royal has developed enormously and the thinking around how the health system and local government work together has changed significantly.

It’s also been interesting to see the way that Primary Care has changed too, there’s been much more engagement with the hospital sector over that time. I suppose Primary Care has become much more fragile during that time period – there’s a definite need to work together and integrate both vertically and horizontally to be able to sustain itself.

What has driven you to visit Haelo?

I came here after conversations I had with Maxine Power, Chief Executive, Haelo and David Dalton, Chief Executive, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, when they were over in Australia presenting at the APAC conference. I knew David from working around GM so I’ve followed the journey that Salford has been on. I’ve also seen the role that Haelo has played in that success. So I guess I’m here partly because I know of their reputation and partly because I know the patch and the people.

What’s your take home message, what’s on your mind right now?

Seeing some of the really good work on service integration that’s being done at Rochdale Infirmary was really quite heartening. Rochdale has a deprived population and it’s not traditionally had a good health system, but they’ve clearly changed the way that the system works by driving some of that from the hospital in a very integrated way with primary care and social care.

So, are you inspired to come back to the UK?!

Well, I’m certainly inspired to go back to New Zealand and apply some learning! We have some of the same problems in Primary Care as you have here – problems with capability, problems with fragmentation and actually it’s just reinforced my view that I need to sort that out.

We’ve gone from the position of having quite a dysfunctional system to having a really good hospital and community services but actually we don’t yet have a good system. And I think the Primary Care piece of that is the missing piece in the puzzle.

And finally, it can’t all be about work, who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party, dead or alive?

I’d like to invite JFK. I’ve read quite a bit about him, when I was in Boston recently I visited the JFK museum, he was in many ways a flawed individual and I think it would be fascinating conversation.

I read quite a bit of Christopher Hitchen’s writing, so I’m sure he would be another fascinating individual to talk to at a dinner party. My final invite would be to, because he wrote my favourite book, Gabriel García Márquez – but I’m not sure how fluent his english would be!

All dead of course, but fascinating individuals!

Whilst at Haelo, Kevin spent time with the Haelo team hearing more about our regional programmes, such as PRISMS, PIPS and Safer Salford. Our Innovation Director Abigail Harrison, ran through the Making Safety Visible programme and Kevin also met with our digital and film team, discussing Haelo’s innovative use of film, such as the Patient Safety Briefing. Kevin attended, as mentioned above, Rochdale Infirmary meeting with Nursing Leads, GPs and Transformation Leads and visited Salford City Council meeting with their Transformation Lead. Also included in his visit was a meeting with Neil Turton, Chief Executive, Salford Health Matters and a discussion with our own Director of Improvement, Katharine Goldthorpe. Finally, Kevin spent a day at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust across varied departments. 

If you are interested in planning an Information and Exchange Visit for you and/or your team, please contact our events team.

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