Haelo Improver of the Month: June


Improver of the Month is our interview feature celebrating people who are out of this world! It allows us to put faces to the names of people working within our fabulous team – putting a spotlight on individuals and teams making an impact by using improvement science methodology. 

Let’s meet our Haelo Improver of the Month!

Name: Becky White
Organisation: Haelo
Occupation: Communications Officer and all round Digital Diva!

Tell us about your improvement project?

We have a monthly round up of Haelo news called This Month. Our improvement project (This Month PDSA) aim was to increase visibility of our This Month blog using our website and social channels with an increment of 50 page views by the 30th June.

18 months ago, you didn’t know what improvement science was… Do you have a memorable moment on your improvement journey? How has QI changed you?

It’s been a wonderful journey into the world of quality improvement and improvement science! My knowledge was pretty much non existent before I started at Haelo but over the course of the last 18 months and through Haelo’s Improvement Training I’m now an improvement science convert. The transferable use of improvement science skills has meant that I now adopt them in my personal life. My most memorable moment was at Haelo University where we were asked to give a 5 minute presentation on a skill we had to share with the rest of the team. I chose cartwheels; demonstrating, ‘coaching’ the team through the process and ‘scaling up’ by inviting another member of the team to do a cartwheel. It was a lot of fun!

You work within digital… what’s the best piece of advice you could give to a prospective improver?

It’s so important to document your changes through Plan Do Study Act forms. If you are performing a PDSA cycle then you chronicle your activity then you are basically recording a formative evaluation as you improve. This makes it is so much easier to adapt, adopt or abandon and ‘scale up’ and spread.

What are the next steps in your improvement journey?

We succeeded with our aim, improving page views by 76 in one month. Our next step is to look at more innovative ways to showcase Haelo news, blogs and events. We are currently undertaking a collaboration with our film team to create a This Month vlog so watch this space!

And finally, (it can’t all be about work!) who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party? (dead or alive!)

Bill Hicks, Werner Herzog, Armando Iannucci, Professor Richard Wolff and Beyonce!

Becky has previously attended Haelo’s series of improvement science training. Find out more about our workshops online.

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