Haelo goes to Gothenburg!


Bridget Armour, Programme Manager, and Nick John, Data Coordinator, attended the Quality and Safety in HealthCare Conference in Gothenburg on behalf of Haelo.


In April this year the International Forum travelled to Gothenburg, Sweden. The theme for the conference was “Change. Save. Sustain. In Partnership with Patients.” summarised in the Haelo infographic: ‘Gothenburg in numbers‘!

Now in its 21st year, the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare is one of the world’s largest gatherings of healthcare professionals committed to improving patient care and their safety, providing an inspirational setting to meet, learn and share knowledge in our common mission to improve the quality and safety of care for patients and communities across the world.

Bridget and Nick in GothenburgHaelo was invited to present a poster at the Forum on how planned experimentation could be used to increase the uptake of NHS health checks in Salford. Our very own Nick and Bridget presented the Planned Experimentation poster at the Science Symposium.


From Salford to Gothenburg, Bridget Armour blogs about the experience.

It was quite an experience in many ways. The first day was the ‘Science Symposium’ which was when Nick and I presented the poster on ‘Planned Experimentation’. The poster definitely stood out and was the only one related to a factorial design that we could see. The session was facilitated by a Health Foundation Fellow, Tom Woodcock who introduced us, managed the ‘crowds’ and facilitated the question and answer session. Our session was also attended by Lloyd Provost, who was very positive and asked interesting questions to us and the group in attendance. It was clear that very few people had any prior experience of the methodology of a factorial design, but it was something that people were interested in testing out.

Bridget Gothenburg

The final three days were at the actual IHI conference, attended by 3,600 participants and held in an enormous conference centre. We attended a variety of sessions, the stand out Plenary Session being Don Berwick demonstrating the ‘Red Bead Game’. Personally I enjoyed the sessions presented by Jaideep Prabhu on ‘Frugal Innovation’, ‘Change Management’ by Lois Kelly and the ‘Virginia Mason Hospital Lean Production Management System’ by Dr Gary Kaplan. All presenters were engaging and inspirational – with the main themes being patient focused care and just getting out there and doing it.

There were participants from all corners of the world with over a third from the birthplace of Quality Improvement, Sweden. I would definitely encourage everyone working in Improvement Science to attend a conference where possible for ongoing learning, inspiration and experience. It is an experience I will never forget and thanks to Senior Management for supporting us both to go.

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