Salford Flood Film: Flood, Sweat and Tears



We are delighted to present, ‘Flood Sweat and Tears’, Haelo’s latest community film that celebrates the spirit of Salfordians, in partnership with Salix Homes.

Boxing Day 2015 was a day where hundreds of Salfordians were hit by the worst floods the city has seen in decades.

Over the last few months we’ve been talking to people in Lower Broughton, Salford, about their experience of the Boxing Day flood, how their lives were affected, and how the community has come together in the aftermath to rebuild. The stories behind the residents from all over Salford who volunteered their time and resources in the relief efforts inspired the team to create a film.


They ‘dared greatly’ to assist their fellow Salfordians, deep-cleaning homes and local amenities, offering free meals and places to stay and replacing the children’s Christmas presents that were swept away in the disaster.


More than ten months on, Salix Homes has now completed a major repair and improvement programme to more than 300 affected homes in the area, including flood resilience measures.

Mark Foster, service director of investment at Salix Homes, said: “All the residents affected by the floods – many of which are our customers – have shown great resilience.

“Spearheaded by resident Keri Muldoon, who features in the film, local people raised thousands of pounds for Key103’s Cash For Kids charity which provides a helping hand to vulnerable, poorly and disadvantaged children across Greater Manchester. As a reward they won an amazing street party that was aired live on the local radio station.

“Huge strength and Dunkirk spirit has really shown through in these communities. We’ve worked as quickly as we can to ensure the flood damaged homes are brought back to a good condition and are better protected.”

The film stands as a testament to the true face of Salford, a vibrant city with a distinctive character. The Boxing Day flood deserves to be remembered and we can all learn lessons from the locals about community cohesion, cooperation and staying positive in the face of monumental challenges.

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  1. Im from Lower Broughton and Im very proud to say that ,the way the community mucked in after the horrific flood on boxing day showed just how great Salford and Lower Broughton is .

  2. i was living on silk st when i was younger, and i remember the river flowing over at some points in lower broughton. on spike island estate the water was being pushed back up the drains and was coming out like fountains because the estate is in a dip, lower in the middle than at the main road. it was waist deep at some points. well done keri & co, done salford proud 😉