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Haelo’s very own Professor Maxine Power has travelled to Australia for two weeks, equipped with a packed schedule to deliver innovation and improvement knowledge.

Maxine will exchange valuable insight and expertise, consult with professionals, capture best practice and share learning from right here in Salford, across 10,556 miles, to Sydney. You can follow Maxine via twitter, or keep checking back here for the latest updates.

We are delighted to share our first update from Maxine:

APAC Conference blog from Maxine Power

“So here goes…….

“Here I am. It’s day one of the APAC forum and I’m sat in the most beautiful theatre in down town Sydney listening Peter, Sir Edmund Hilary’s son talking about growing up with a famous father. He describes discussions at the family dining table as a boy of 10  ‘mountaineering is a way of pushing our human potential but we have to work with the mountain, we cannot impose our will’ …. “ You can read more here.

First up, from the 12-14th September, Maxine attended the APAC Forum 2016 in Sydney – Leading Healthcare Transformation. The APAC forum unites global thought leaders, front line teams, colleagues and contemporaries.

Maxine, joined by Dr Dorothy Jones, Curtin University, Australia and Dr Stuart Holmes, former Haelo clinical fellow now working at Royal Adelaide Hospital, delivered: Reimagining Patient Safety: Delivering Quality on a Moving Safety Target. Click on the hyperlinks to see their tweets live from the conference.

We were delighted to have Stuart back temporarily in the Haelo fold, in his presentation we heard from junior doctors in a series of interviews about safety. (Film to follow soon!)

Day 2, Maxine presents ‘Measuring Safety at the Front Line’

Watch the round up straight from APAC ( see if you can spot Maxine!):

On Thursday 15th September, Maxine and Sir David Dalton visited South Eastern Sydney Local Health District with Gerry Marr and the Senior Leaders Group and Sydney Hospital.

Overthe next few days, Maxine will be working with Carrie Marr, Chief Executive at Clinical Excellence Commission.

Maxine meets with the Adult Patient Safety Team at the Clinical Excellence Commission. Sepsis Kills is a Clinical Excellence Commission program to improve recognition of sepsis and promote faster treatment for patients in NSW hospitals.

Another fabulous and thought provoking blog raises the importance of compassion in effective leadership – take a look and tell us what you think.

Postcard from Apac - Leadership and Compassion

There’s no time to rest as Maxine leads an afternoon forum exclusively for Junior Medical Officers.

The third blog in our Australia series from Maxine talks about the future of patient safety and taking it to the next level.

Taking patient safety to the next level

Maxine, pictured below with Gerry Marr CEO of South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, Gareth Marr, Head of mental health services and Carrie Marr, CEO of CEC.

Maxine Power in Sydney

The fourth and final postcard from CEC has landed as Maxine concludes a two week improvement tour of Australia. It’s been quite an adventure!

Postcard from CEC

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