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In October, our Clinical Fellow and go2physio Lead Gaby Ford graduated from her year-long Haelo fellowship. In her guest blog, Gaby reflects on her year at Haelo.

I turned up at Haelo 12 months ago all fresh faced and keen having only a basic understanding of what Haelo does, wondering how on earth I was going to go about implementing patient self referral for our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy service or what on earth the Model for Improvement was! I was suddenly sat at a desk in an open plan office with an opportunity to complete on a project involving our department, all the Salford GPs and the entire population of Salford. 

Well my 12 month improvement journey has been a steep learning curve but one that has been so rewarding.  I have both learnt improvement skills and how to use them with our collaborative 90 day rapid cycle improvement approach.  There have been many highlights both personal and professional – spending time with the Haelo team, working and learning from some brilliant people and having the opportunity to work collaboratively with our Salford GPs.  Although my strengths do not necessarily include data, I have enjoyed learning about the importance of data collection, and the joys of SPC charts reflecting that our change has indeed been an improvement!

Finally, I think a light bulb moment has been around the power of personal narratives to both engage staff but also to connect those leaders at the forefront of change to those that are supporting the project.

I feel a sense of sadness now that my clinical fellowship has finished but also excited at where this will take me.  The challenge now is to keep my improvement vision alive in the midst of tough clinical pressures and embed the go2physio culture of patient self referral.

Congratulations Gaby and thank you for your amazing contribution to Haelo! Find out more about the Salford Royal partnered go2physio programme here.


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