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On day 9 of Celebrating Haelo, we’re focussing on our work with the Salford Together programme.

Salford Together is a partnership between Salford City Council, NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford Primary Care Together and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

The partnership is working to transform the health and social care system in Salford by integrating health and social care, bringing the services of GPs, nursing, social care, mental health, community based services and voluntary organisations into a more joined up system that focuses on a person’s individual needs and provides them with the support to manage their own care.

Haelo began working with the Salford Together team in 2017, bringing expertise in evaluation to co-produce a clear protocol for a summative evaluation of the impact of the new organisation and care models. Haelo’s evaluation of Salford Together feeds into the wider evaluation of ‘Taking Charge’: The Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Strategic Plan.

Haelo has worked closely with the Salford Together programme leads and project teams over the past two years to provide evaluation that is both locally sensitive and provides information about the impact and outcomes of the changes made. Taking a ‘rapid cycle evaluation’ approach, Haelo’s evaluation team have supported the ongoing process of implementation by using feedback from the process and impact evaluation questions alongside “soft intelligence” from the project stakeholders on a regular basis to review and update the core components of the project. This approach has helped to inform strategic decisions in a timely manner, as well as providing an opportunity to record and respond to any unintended outcomes.

As part of the support, Haelo have also provided a range of education, training and mentoring of Project Managers delivering the improvement programmes, to build skills in evaluation within Salford Together.

The Haelo support for Salford Together will hopefully continue over the forthcoming year through to March 2020.

Day 10 of our Haelo celebration will be looking back at the Practices Improving Processes (PIPS) programme. Keep up with the conversation on twitter, using @_Haelo #celebratinghaelo

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