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In the wake of tragedies such as Mid-Staffordshire and the subsequent Francis and Berwick reports, the innovative Safer Salford programme seeks to address patient safety at a whole-system level, improving outcomes for all Salford residents.

This programme was initiated by Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) on successful completion of Making Safety Visible programme. Initial conversations with Haelo established three key principles to underpin the interventions tested by Safer Salford:

  1. Joint working and integration across the health and care system
  2. Use of the five domains of safety outlined in the Measuring and Monitoring of Safety Framework
  3. Capture and share learning from quality improvement initiatives

At the outset of the programme in 2016, Haelo brought together senior leaders from partners across Salford to develop a clear aim and whole system theory of change for this work:

Salford will be the safest health and care economy in the UK by 2022.


Safer Salford driver diagram

Haelo has worked collaboratively with partners such as Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford CCG, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Salford City Council and Salford Together to co-design and deliver a phased programme of activity, which has responded to evolving priorities within the system. Acting as an ‘independent intermediary’, Haelo has facilitated knowledge exchange and connection between professionals in different health and care settings to develop local priorities and deliver change with input from our experts in safety and improvement.

Feeding learning back into and across health and care settings in Salford is a vital part of building safer systems. Haelo has provided formative and summative evaluation expertise to identify successful changes and understand what hasn’t worked as well throughout the programme. Some of our proudest achievements are summarised below:


Our collaborative leadership programme provided the opportunity and space for senior leaders to think differently about safety and system leadership behaviours, building capability within a network of individuals across different health and care settings who are empowered to act.

“Safer Leadership has changed how I view healthcare”
Acute Consultant


Using safety culture tools Haelo facilitated GP practices in Salford to review and learn about their safety culture. When used effectively, these tools allow a team to surface what works well and collectively identify priorities and actions to make improvements.

 “Suggestions made in the de-brief were really valuable, and we have implemented a lot from that day” Practice manager participating in the Safer Culture pilot.


Drawing on the latest thinking in data presentation and using the domains of the Measuring and Monitoring of Safety Framework, Haelo developed an innovative dashboard. One of the key unique selling points of this dashboard is that it creates a place for data which usually kept within individual settings to be shared and learning to be undertaken at a whole system level.

I think it says a lot about the work that you’re doing that the information that you’re opening up and displaying is already influencing practice.
Public Health Specialty Registrar

“As learn more about safety, I realise that we need to ask different questions of the data and information we see”
Medical Director


Taking a focus on specific setting (care homes), process (handover) and topic (medicines) these programmes have combined improvement methodologies to build communities of people inspired to change, namely:

  • Delivering excellence in care homes (all care homes in Salford are now rated good for the CQC “caring domain”) using a community of practice model
  • Building understanding of safety in communication and handover using Rapid Improvement and LEAN methodologies
  • Improving quality of information included on discharge summaries through training interventions, designed with input from GPs
  • Capturing patient experiences and feedback to inform design of handover processes
  • Forming an integrated medicines team with a range of innovation projects supporting safer medicines in primary care, secondary care and care homes


The Salford Pharmacy Team is the most integrated Pharmacy Team in England
NHS Chief Pharmacist

We like that we can all share our information and ideas with other care homes and can see the negative and positive points. Also the feeling of support of everybody and how it can benefit us all.” Salford Care Home Manager on the benefits of peer exchange visits

This programme of work is ongoing and you can find more information about current delivery of Safer Salford activity at our website: www.safersalford.org. This year we are endeavouring to bring together this learning into a suite of evaluative outputs to help other health economies understand how they can benefit from the integration agenda to provide safer care for their residents.

What is Safer Salford?

Find out more about the programme and the journey to make Salford the safest health and care economy in the UK.

Watch the video here 

Why Safer Salford?

Over 250,000 people live in Salford, which means millions of healthcare interactions every year. We can all be proud of the outstanding system we’ve built but there are still too many opportunities for harm, so partners from across Salford health and social care have come together to improve this.

Watch the video here

Two year progress report

Want to know how we’re getting on? Take a look at our Safer Salford roadmap to find out how we’re progressing to our goal.

See the interactive roadmap here 

Day 9 of our Haelo celebration will be looking back at the work with Salford Together. Keep up with the conversation on twitter, using @_Haelo #celebratinghaelo

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