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At Haelo we had a particular interest in the measurement of safety. When the ‘measurement and monitoring of safety’ framework was published in 2012 we knew that we had to do something to test this latest thinking with our local systems. The framework took learning from safety critical industries and pushed our thinking, moving us beyond viewing safety in the rear view mirror to thinking about real time and predictive analysis. Through a Health Foundation funded grant we developed the Making Safety Visible programme and worked with 10 hospital boards and CCG governing bodies from across Greater Manchester to test how they could use the framework to improvement safety across their systems.  It was a privilege to work closely with Professor Charles Vincent in designing and delivering the programme and to be honest we were overwhelmed by the response we got from so many senior leaders committing to taking time out as a whole leadership team to focus on safety and be challenged to think differently. The films from the learning sessions give a great flavour of the work so take a look if you’re interested.

Making Safety Visible was a grant-funded programme, with funding provided by the Health Foundation’s Measurement and Monitoring of Safety fund.

The two year programme started in May 2014 to run a BTS collaborative, working with acute trust boards, clinical commissioning groups and other health and social care providers to improve the measuring and monitoring of safety in their organisation using the ‘Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Framework’ (Vincent et al, 2013).

The programme has a number of objectives, including: build the capability of Trust boards and CCG governing bodies; create a whole health economy safety measurement plan to improve measurement systems; provide an in depth evaluation of the programme and its effectiveness.

The programme summit took place in October 2015. Haelo managed all four events (three learning sessions and the final summit) which saw 244 attendees from 10 health and social care economy teams. These events were vital in building the will for change and sustaining energy and enthusiasm throughout the programme. They provided delegates with the opportunity to learn from various different industries including the railways and aviation.

The Making Safety Visible programme has been highly successful, with over 90% attendance rates at each of the learning sessions. Teams have developed excellent working relationships and are continuing to work together since the formal learning sessions have finished.

Away from the learning sessions Haelo provided:

  • Faculty coaches to each team
  • Specialised sessions tailored to each team’s requirements
  • Help for teams to create safety measurement plans, providing ‘at a glance’ templates to support them
  • Assistance for teams to develop cross-organisational relationships within their local health and social care economy and nurtured these relationships, encouraging teams to work together locally and across the whole region

Two of the teams have developed joint pathways for specific cancer patients with a view to extend these to other types of cancer. Another has set up patient focus groups to understand exactly what is most important to the local population when dealing with long term health conditions and a number of the teams have run internal seminars on measuring and monitoring safety using the tools they have been provided on the programme.


“One of the most influential series of sessions I have been to in recent years
Sir David Dalton, Chief Executive Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

This programme drives collaboration across the health economy
Andrew Foster, Chief Executive, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust


Read the Making Safety Visible Final Report here

Making safety visible returns

Making safety visible is bringing together leaders from health and social care in the Greater Manchester North East Sector to improve safety across the whole system.

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Leaders making safety visible

A successful third and final Making Safety Visible learning session saw teams build the skill and will to execute a shared safety ambition for the future of their local population.

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Learning from localities

Improvement Science Fellow Dr Hannah Baird guest blogs for Haelo on her learning from the Making Safety Visible third and final learning session.

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